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The more you know, the more you know you don’t know

Today my family and I board an airplane to head for Austin, my beloved hometown. From there, we’re heading out on a road trip to see the east coast and to meet some of you (details here—all are welcome). This six-week road trip (followed by a ten-day west coast tour soon after) is one of (read more…)

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Becoming quick with praise

A few years ago, my 5-year old daughter walked into our living room carrying the book, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I can still picture its distinct orange cover held against her body by her 5-year old arms. She climbed into my lap, asked if she could read to me, and began opening (read more…)

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The risk of meeting you—wanna anyway?

You’re probably seeing the posts all over the blogosphere, where everyone’s sharing their Word Of The Year. Predictable, unoriginal, slightly cheesy—yes. But I actually love this recent trend; it feels more all-encompassing and less pragmatic than a list of resolutions. In a good way. And so, I shall subject you to another one of those (read more…)

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6 ways to encourage creativity in your kids []

6 ways to encourage creativity in your kids

For the longest time my kids wanted nothing to do with anything creative. If ever I suggested they sit and color a page in a book, they would look at me like I had grown a third eye, and even when I coaxed them into doing it, it always ended with a prompt “MOOOOOM…this is (read more…)

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The value of accountability for achieving your goals

It’s that time of year, when most of us are reviewing the past year and anticipating what’s to come — full of goals and resolutions and hopes and dreams for the new year. When I was in high school, I was involved in the youth group at our church, and one of the buzz phrases that (read more…)

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