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Favorite Advent resources

I love the Advent season. There’s something special about the anticipation of something, about enjoying the destination towards a grand event. Advent comes from the Latin word that means “arrival”—it’s the anticipation of a notable person, thing, or event.

It always sneaks up on me, and it’s especially true this year—with American Thanksgiving later in November, leaving only a few days before the first Sunday before Christmas. So ’tis the season to get ready, if you want to savor the season of expectation.

Head here for my favorite Advent resources. Celebrating it encourages us to not wish away the holidays, nor to speed up the entire season in order to make merry on one day in December. Savor it. Live slowly through the season. Enjoy the ritual of preparation, and of soaking in the rhythms so many around the world celebrate in unison.

Also, I know how crazy overwhelming Pinterest can feel, especially for holiday-related stuff. It’s a great search tool for finding content, but separating the wheat from the chaff is quite the task. I’ve created a pinboard for Advent wreaths, calendars, and Jesse Trees, curating only the easy stuff (within reason—they can at least easily be tweaked):

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Celebrate, enjoy the season, but don’t stress before it’s even here. If you’re American, enjoy this week of gratitude. And then perhaps spend this weekend creating something simple to have a perfectly imperfect, meaningful Advent.

Resources for a simple advent: because there's no reason to complicate Christmas.

(Again, here’s the list of favorite Advent resources.)

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Skills I want my children to have

When I was a kid, my sisters and I would play a lot of pretend games. We would often play “old timey” or alternatively, “future.” When we would play “future,” my favorite prop was a rectangular piece of cardboard I had turned into a magic touch-screen device that could access all information in every book (read more…)

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What would you tell a young twenty-something about simple living?

It’s unfathomable that next summer will be my 20th high school reunion. Because last I checked, I’m still living in an apartment with three other girls, drinking a daily dose of Dr. Pepper and listening to The Cranberries while stressing over that geology final. Apparently not, according to the three people calling me Mom every (read more…)

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Giving each other the space to be authentic

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there’s been a recent shift in the way that many of us talk to each other. “Oooh, your kids are all in school full-time now – aren’t you so excited?” Or this one: “Oh, you moved into a new house – aren’t you so happy?” We think (read more…)

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Location matters. Community matters.

We’ve met a few “location-independent” people on our travels—usually singles, though there’s an occasional family—that doesn’t live anywhere in particular. They live where the wind takes them. Their work is done online, so they’re able to live out of their backpacks and move about the cabin indefinitely. Essentially, they do what we’re doing for the (read more…)

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