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Podcast Episode #8: Put on your Brave Pants, with Sarah Mackenzie

I love meeting homeschooling women who don’t have their act together, nor do they pretend. Sarah Mackenzie is one of those—and I love that the stuff she writes and talks about is inspiring for non-homeschooling families as well. She’s all about talking about basic stuff, reminding us that those things can go a long way towards making us saner and healthier.

Spiral notebooks, reading aloud, working from a place of rest, and just asking for what you want: all basic things. All good things. That’s what Sarah’s about, and that’s what we talk about in this next episode of The Simple Show.

(Curious why this is episode 8? Head here to listen to the special ‘vault’ episodes I released to celebrate this new show, along with episodes 1 and 2.)

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Sarah Mackenzie on Teaching From Rest

Listen Here:

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Show Notes

• Sarah’s blog, Amongst Lovely Things
• Sarah’s podcast, Read-Aloud Revival (subscribe on iTunes here)
• Sarah’s book, Teaching From Rest
• The miraculous spiral notebooks
Andrew Pudewa
Jia Jiang at World Domination Summit, speaking on rejection
Christopher Perrin
• Listen to The Simple Show, episode 6 with Leigh Kramer for more on the Enneagram
Shauna Niequist (she was on The Simple Show, episode 5!)
Milk Carton Kids (check out their concert on Tiny Desk and Live from Lincoln Theater—really. Do it.)
Savor, Pride and Prejudice, Anne Bogel

The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider, episode 8: Put on Your Brave Pants with Sarah Mackenzie

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The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider

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The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider

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