#82: Round-the-world family travel – your questions answered! (part 3)

Kyle and I wrap up our conversation about round-the-world travel with kids right from the good ol’ US of A. In this final episode dedicated to answering your questions about our trip, we talk about packing—what we brought, what we wish we left behind, and how we carried it all. We also talk about overall highs and lows of the trip, and how it’s affected our family culture.

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Show notes:

• Hair clippers (similar one here)
Lewis & Clark eye mask
Gerber pocket tool
• 5-way headphone splitter (similar one here)
3-way plug
Scrubba wash bag
Dizolve laundry strips
Kyle’s wool socks, Tsh’s wool socks
REI travel packs
Tom Bihn—amazing travel gear!

The Art of Simple Podcast, ep 82: Round-the-world travel with kids! Thoughts on packing, getting kids to carry gear, and the highs and lows of worldwide travel as a family.

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