Simple home, simple life?

I read this article recently over on the New York Times blog: Living With Less. A Lot Less and it really got me thinking. How many of us can relate to what he experienced? Not in an exact way – as we don’t all have multiple million dollar businesses to sell. But, we start out (read more…)

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Project Simplify: drawers & shelves

The following content may not be suitable for innocent eyes. Just kidding. But the photos I’m going to show you today will confirm for you that I am, indeed, a normal person. Writing a book about decluttering doesn’t mean I don’t have to all the livelong day. After all, I live with one man, and (read more…)

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Project Simplify 2013

Every year I get the itch—you know that itch. It comes when the weather warms and you’re ready to get outside, but you first want to get your insides in order. If you’re up north, like me, it’s not warm enough yet to play outside without gear, but as soon as it is, boy howdy—you (read more…)

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Keep your ride in working order

For going back to the basics this month, we’ve dealt with your handbag, your beauty routine, menu planning, hosting a gathering, and single parenting. What’s a more obvious inclusion than your car? I know that’s what you’ve all been thinking. When’s she going to include auto maintenance? Quite honestly, I was wracking my brain trying (read more…)

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How I keep my bag sane

Next month, we’re going to do another Project Simplify. Remember that? It’s a series we do here in the spring, where we declutter, clean, and organize some part of our house—group-think spring cleaning, holding each other’s hands for accountability. It’ll be quite a bit different than in previous years (more on that soon!), but yep, (read more…)

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