Keep your ride in working order

For going back to the basics this month, we’ve dealt with your handbag, your beauty routine, menu planning, hosting a gathering, and single parenting. What’s a more obvious inclusion than your car? I know that’s what you’ve all been thinking. When’s she going to include auto maintenance? Quite honestly, I was wracking my brain trying (read more…)

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How I keep my bag sane

Next month, we’re going to do another Project Simplify. Remember that? It’s a series we do here in the spring, where we declutter, clean, and organize some part of our house—group-think spring cleaning, holding each other’s hands for accountability. It’ll be quite a bit different than in previous years (more on that soon!), but yep, (read more…)

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DIY: Paper bag heart wall sculpture

I don’t know exactly where I got the idea to stick a bunch of paper bags on my wall a couple of weeks ago. The cavernous empty space of my stairwell had been bothering me for a decade. Also, I have a resolution to be more craft-happy in 2013. After all, I was an art (read more…)

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The secret to a happy home

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that over the last few years of gutting and remodeling our home, I spent far too much of that time thinking that through building a newer, prettier home from the ugly shell we started with, that I was creating happiness. With each shiny new fixture, new white cabinet, shiny (read more…)

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The perfect statement wall

I have been working on some fresh new decor ideas for my home, and I’m thinking what’s needed is a statement wall. Something eye catching but not in an area where I already have a lot going on. These walls add whimsy and character to a room and make me feel so happy. Check out (read more…)

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