The secret to a happy home

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that over the last few years of gutting and remodeling our home, I spent far too much of that time thinking that through building a newer, prettier home from the ugly shell we started with, that I was creating happiness. With each shiny new fixture, new white cabinet, shiny (read more…)

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The perfect statement wall

I have been working on some fresh new decor ideas for my home, and I’m thinking what’s needed is a statement wall. Something eye catching but not in an area where I already have a lot going on. These walls add whimsy and character to a room and make me feel so happy. Check out (read more…)

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One bite at a time together: Create a chore system (project 41)

I’m working through Tsh’s ebook One Bite at a Time and hopefully you are too!  You can jump in at any time and follow my own journey!  You can even go out of order…I sure am!  Buy the ebook for only $5 HERE. Chores are something we start early in our home.  My son took on the responsibility of feeding (read more…)

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Ideas for Valentine’s Day wreaths

February is almost here, are you ready to decorate for Valentine’s Day yet? Even if you aren’t big on celebrating this “holiday”, it’s still fun to be festive just because we can. Lots of pretty ideas out there for Valentine’s themed wreaths, so I rounded up some lovely ones to give you ideas for purchasing (read more…)

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lights around pole

Let’s use twinkling lights all winter long

Editor’s note: I’m always a little sad when it’s time to put the twinkling lights from Christmas back into storage. But what if we didn’t have to? We first ran this post last November, but today I’m using it for inspiration and plan to keep some of the lights around to brighten up winter a (read more…)

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