start a garden

One bite at a time together: Start a garden (project 36)

My husband and I often wax poetically about someday living in the country. Nothing fancy or elaborate.  Just a couple of acres where the kids can climb trees, scrape knees, dig holes, and get dirt under their fingernails.  Our dream is to someday build a house in the country.   We may never actually do (read more…)

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Make your own summer picnic crate

True fact: fancy picnic crates make picnic food taste better. Not only that, they also prevent sunburn and make your hair shiny! Okay, no. Those are not true facts. Picnic crates are just boxes, made of wood. No special powers involved. But a fun crate might make a Fourth of July picnic more festive! That (read more…)

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growing seeds indoors (1 of 1)-2

What gardening is teaching me about raising kids, patience, and faith

This spring when it was still snowing in our little mountain town and the flower blooms were just beginning to show, I began to save egg cartons and comb seed catalogs for veggies we might grow this year. Because our growing season is short and it’s less expensive than buying starter plants, we grow seeds (read more…)

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Project Simplify: piles

This past week has been a push and pull of moving things around the house, feeling productive as the spring air peeks through the still-wintery clouds—and having to stop and rest my knee even though the rest of me is eager to move forward. I’ve been looking forward to this week’s hot spot with Project (read more…)

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Project Simplify: that pesky closet

When we first bought the house almost a year ago, we weren’t sure whether to christen it Privet Drive or Narnia. It was a closet under the stairs that just screamed extra storage, and we knew right away that we wanted to turn it into a play space for the kids. Narnia ultimately won, simply (read more…)

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