Decorating: use your ears

The sounds in your home. What are they? Do they add or subtract from the overall atmosphere you want? Photo by Max Williams Sounds in our homes as decor? I think so. After all, decorate simply means “to furnish or adorn with something becoming.” And while yes, I’ve stretched the connotation a bit, it still (read more…)

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Why Americans should take off their shoes before going inside, just like most of the world.

Going barefoot

In our current country of residence, everyone takes off their shoes before entering a home. Everyone. This is the case in most countries, in fact, and in the case of Kosovo, where my husband and I lived several years ago. I’m pretty sure the only country that doesn’t practice this is the United States. And (read more…)

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Tips to prettify inexpensive flowers

I love having fresh flowers in the house, and my husband seems to know just the right time to bring them home. But if you’re not cost-savvy, they can cost a fortune. Sometimes the most eye-popping flower arrangements contain simple, inexpensive flowers and supplies. Simple flowers, like carnations, work best in all one color. Eliminate (read more…)

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The 2 key questions to ask while decluttering

In the poll I had in my sidebar last week (I’ve got a new one there, by the way), I was somewhat surprised to learn that most of you find organizing to be the hardest part of your home management. I wasn’t surprised because I think it’s easy, but because you said it was harder (read more…)

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How do you declutter?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to decluttering: Touch everything only once, and Declutter in steps, moving piles around until it’s done. When you touch everything only once, you pick up an item and put it in its rightful place immediately, even if it means going to the other side of the (read more…)

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