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Keep your home clutter-free

This is a guest post from Emily at Remodeling This Life. She blogs about her family’s adventures in remodeling their home and also about simple and frugal living. One of the hardest things that I face in my home with a husband and two children is clutter. I feel like I am constantly battling misplaced (read more…)

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Display artwork in your home : the how, the where, and the what

I love to inspire others to find joy in the simple things in life as well as share my journey as a mom of three little boys. My passions include decorating and design, photography, literature, education, and family life. So many Mt. Hope Chronicles readers are creative and enjoy beautiful homes, but they’ve expressed their (read more…)

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Decorating: use your eyes

Photo by shuna fish lydon We’ve finally come to using the sense of sight, which is, quite frankly, the most obvious one when it comes to decorating your home and making it a haven. Instead of reinventing the wheel and writing things that are already out there, I’ll just write a few tips on what (read more…)

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Decorating: use your taste buds

How do you deliciously decorate your home? With food and drink, of course. Photo by pachey But what’s the difference between serving food to your family and guests, and actually using it to adorn your dwelling, to further make your home a haven? I think it has to do with thinking about others’ tastes, making (read more…)

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Decorating: use your skin

Photo by jared I admit the sense of touch is the hardest one for me to write about. I have ideas, but they’re mostly intangible – like “make your home comfortable.” Who doesn’t know that already? I recruited my husband to help, and together, we came up with a few ideas on how to make (read more…)

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