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I hope you’re having a good weekend, friends. After our big launch (which was months in the making, believe me!), by the time you’re reading this, we’re now settling in to a new country for a few days, followed soon after by a brand new continent for the trip. Internet being somewhat unreliable, the best place to keep up with our travels is on Instagram, if you like.

May you find the right sort of routine for 2015, and may it enter your life slowly and assuredly, as all good things do. I hope you’ve had a bit of slowness in your life.

Good stuff I’ve read so far this month:

• If you’re an entrepreneur, here are 5 reasons you can’t do it and shouldn’t even try. Ryan’s tough love is good here. via EntreFamily

Why we say “no” to homework—I really appreciate this mama’s sticktoitiveness with her convictions here. And I think we might do the same thing if we did traditional school, too. via Starlighting Mama

• My friend in Australia just moved with her family of four in to a caravan. I love her thoughts on why. via Adriel Booker

• I kinda like this dress even if it weren’t a neurological brain pattern, but the fact that May-Britt Roser wore it to accept her Nobel Prize is all kinds of awesome. via Daily Dot

• “This year, brew the good coffee, wear the sparkly jewelry, crack open that fresh journal.” I learned this a few years ago, too, and I’m so glad I did—haven’t looked back. via Shauna Niequist

• So, have you bought new underwear this year? It’s not what you think. via Life Your Way

• Has anyone else ever tried a bullet journal? Because I think I’m in love with this idea. (I need to rewatch that video one or three times.)

• And finally, I’m doing Anne’s 2015 Reading Challenge because the categories are just too fun (I’ve already read this little gem!). Are you in it? via Modern Mrs. Darcy

• Oh, and have you signed up yet for my tiny letter? It’s a monthly-ish personal newsletter of mine, where I’ll share behind the scenes stuff about my life as a writer, entrepreneur, traveler, and ordinary gal. Would love you to join me.

“I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.” – Martha Washington

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Cuppa reads (the spruced-up, dusted off weekend links)

You guys were incredibly encouraging in the comments section of Thursday’s post. So much solidarity for old-school blogging! I knew you were the best readers on the Internet for some reason. Thanks for your verbal fistbumps. (And even if you didn’t comment, thanks just for reading—that means just as much. Really.) As I mentioned in (read more…)

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Weekend links

In pictures: Christmas around the world :: BBC Tips for honest hospitality :: Nicole Bennett Farm fresh? Natural? Eggs not always what they’re cracked up to be :: NPR How to change your life with mini habits :: Pick the Brain On being “healed of being a big deal” :: Micha Boyett “There is virtue (read more…)

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christmas lights

Weekend links

It’s December. What can you stop doing this Christmas? :: Shalom Mama How to survive holiday shopping when you are highly sensitive :: Sorta Crunchy Easy mason jar snowglobes :: The Inspired Room When you need to undecorate for Christmas :: Nesting Place …and from our travel blog, I wrote this week about how to (read more…)

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wheat sky

Weekend links

Ten thoughts on hosting Thanksgiving :: Shauna Niequist Simplicity, productivity, and the personal uniform :: Modern Mrs. Darcy Hospitality. But not the kind you’re thinking of :: The Nester A simple blessing to encourage hope :: Chatting at the Sky On returning home {Apple & Fennel Stuffed Salmon with Cider Sauce} :: Simple Bites … (read more…)

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