3 simple ways to store online recipes (guest post on Simple Bites)

Today I’m over at Simple Bites, the sister cooking blog within the Simple Living Media family. I’m talking about my favorite ways to store and organize recipes I find on the Internet. From the post: …”About 75 percent of the recipes I use on a regular basis come from the Internet. Betty Crockers of the (read more…)

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17 last-minute gift ideas from your pantry

Chances are if the title of this post caught your eye, there are still a few names on your gift list you just haven’t gotten around to shopping for – and now it’s the eve of Christmas Eve. At this point I strongly advise against heading out of the house to shop, for you will (read more…)

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2 weeks till Christmas: make your food gifts

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?  It seems like yesterday I was writing about 12 Weeks Till Christmas on a balmy September afternoon.  And now, here we are. The gift buying frenzy is hyping up, and hopefully you’ve made most of your purchases.  But there are still those people in your life that (read more…)

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3 weeks till Christmas: menu plan & batch cook for December

December is typically a very busy month for most families — holiday parties, school events, and shopping lists keep us hectic and busy.  Keeping up with typical household tasks feels a bit intrusive and even a bit of a seasonal damper.  Who wouldn’t rather bake Christmas cookies than tackle the laundry? Dinner easily falls to (read more…)

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How to host a memorable holiday cookie swap

Enjoying homemade Christmas baking is highlight of the season for many families, but making everything from scratch can be time consuming and a lot of work. So how does you stock your freezer with a delicious assortment of cookies and bars without spending several days in the kitchen? By hosting an old-fashioned holiday cookie exchange! (read more…)

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