Keeping the joy in entertaining

Keep entertaining simple. There are so many ways to host a holiday party, like an appetizer or dessert party, a potluck, an open house, a sing-a-long party with hot chocolate, caroling with chili, cornbread and cider, or even a simple sit-down dinner (remember you can buy pre-made food from local restaurants or markets - bring the food home and display it in your own dishes). But how do you entertain if you aren’t feeling joyful? Joy really comes from doing for others. It’s the simple things that really count in life that make your heart happy, happy, happy —- like giving, listening, cooking, connecting. For me, it’s about inviting friends and family in to our home. Acts of love can really make you happy, which can increase or spark that joy in your life. Here’s the cool thing. It happens even when you don’t feel like inviting others in. (In fact, some won't get the idea to invite others in at all, because they aren't feeling joyful.) Here's how to make joy relevant in your life while entertaining this holiday season: Read More
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Homemade easy French onion dip

Keeping MSG out of your Super Bowl party (recipe: homemade French onion dip)

You know that super simple, two-ingredient party dip that you make with a tub of sour cream and a box of French Onion soup mix? What would you say if I told you there are over a dozen ingredients in that dip? I hope your reply would be, “What are they?” with some mixture of (read more…)

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6 steps to a relaxed Christmas: strategically feed your family

A note from Tsh: I asked Jessica of Life as MOM to write this next step in our Relaxed Christmas series. Why? Well, she’s awesome, for one, but also because this mother of six knows how to feed an army—she recently released a book called Not Your Mother’s Make Ahead and Freeze Cookbook, and her (read more…)

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Make your freezer your best friend.

My freezer is one of my very best friends. I know. Weird. But hear me out. This weekend I grabbed from the freezer a roll of Gorgonzola-Herb Butter that I had made in advance and froze. Once it thawed, I sliced it and topped grilled steaks. I will confess to adding a pat to my (read more…)

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Desserts in jars: the magic of the mason jar

Desserts in jars. You have likely heard of these cute little treats or seen them on Pinterest. They are hard to miss. It’s the glare that reflects off the glass, blinding you with their beauty. I’ve been creating these sweet treats for a few years now with great results. I even wrote a book full (read more…)

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