Summer podcastin’, and the living’s easy…

It’s almost summer here in the northern hemisphere (though it certainly doesn’t feel like it here in Oregon to this native Texan—it snowed yesterday!), and when this season dawns, I like to slow things down a bit. The to-do list never ends when you work for yourself, but it does mean that you can take (read more…)

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Simple Mom has a new look!

New design!

Wait, don’t click away—you’re at the right place. You’re at Simple Mom. I mentioned awhile back that the blog was getting a facelift. Well—here it is! Definitely the biggest change since its inception in five years. What do you think? Wait, only tell me if it’s complimentary. Just kidding—I really want to know what you (read more…)

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State of The Blog address

So you may have noticed a few changes around here. Or, maybe not (one thing I learned from your survey results back in January was that things that I think are huge shifts here on the blog are often barely noticeable by the readers). Since November, subtle tweaks, shifts, and alterations have been happening behind (read more…)

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Survey results are in: you guys are opinionated. In a good way. Mostly.

Friends, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts last month in our big survey. It’s helped us plan out these next few months, as we anticipate major changes on the horizon. If anything, your answers have confirmed many of the things I’ve felt were true, and I agree with much of what you said. (read more…)

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One Bite at a Time: now on Kindle!

Fun news—my new e-book, One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler, is now available in Kindle format on Amazon! For the same price as the PDF, you can buy the e-book and instantly start reading it on your Kindle. If you’re so inclined, and if you like the book, it’d mean (read more…)

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