A new way to subscribe to the blog!

Hi friends—just a quick but super important announcement here. After almost seven years, this blog is finally moving to a better email subscription service. If you’re already subscribed to the blog via email, your email address should have migrated to our new service, so there’s nothing you need to do! (But read on for a fun new option.)

If you haven’t yet subscribed via email, and you love reading AoS, I really recommend going for it—it’s the best way to make sure you never miss a post, seeing as Facebook only shows our posts to a very small percentage of you who’ve liked our page.

I’m guessing some of you may be groaning at the thought of more email. I totally get it. So I’ve created a new option to cut down on your inbox clutter: you can now choose to receive one weekly digest email of all the week’s posts. One email, delivered to you on the weekend, revealing everything new that went live on the blog earlier that week. (Pretty cool, eh?)

“But wait! What if I already get an (almost) daily email from AoS?”

If you’d like to switch your subscription to the digest option, you’ll have to do two small things yourself, but don’t panic—they’re super easy:

1. Sign up for the weekly digest email below.

2. And then, the next time you get an email with one daily post, unsubscribe to it—you’ll find a button at the bottom of the email that looks like this:


(Make sure the email you’re unsubscribing from isn’t your new weekly digest option.)

You’re golden!

“I’d still like an email anytime there’s a new post.”

No problem. If you’re already receiving an email with the day’s fresh post, you don’t have to do anything—if you’ve already subscribed, that is. But if you haven’t yet subscribed, sign up below to get an email with a post anything they’re published.

Get email updates, however you like:

(Ironically, if you’re reading this via email, you may need to click over to the main site to configure your sign-ups in this post.)

(And if you’d like to subscribe to the blog via RSS, simply search for the URL—— in your RSS reader, and you should be good to go.)

(Oh, and if you’re into the nerdy behind-the-scenes stuff, we’re using MadMimi for our subscription feed, and loving it so far. And if you use our link, we’ll get a small commission at no cost to you. You’ll further support AoS!)

Questions? Just ask! And thanks, to everyone, for continuing to read this blog. I pinch myself daily that I get to spearhead and serve this community. Y’all are awesome.

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