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Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Shelly S – congratulations!

Today is the last day of the Week of Giveaways. We’ve seen some pretty cool stuff around here this week, if I do say so myself.

The first giveaway is from Ruth Michael, a small business run by Ruth, who makes beautiful items from gorgeous fabrics. She creates backpacks, diaper bags, overnight bags, and even wallets. But I love the concept of what she’s giving away to one Simple Mom reader.

It’s simply called The Carrier. It’s basically a bag that you can use in your car to keep you organized. The Carrier has an open-top bag with the dimensions of a large show box, and it has pouches in the end and pockets on the sides.

You can put your coffee travel mug or water bottle in the end pouches, your mail and papers in the side pockets, and then kleenex boxes, magazines, notebooks, gameboys, candy and snacks in the large middle compartment.

This creative invention was born out of necessity from a typical mom of three battling car pool craziness – pretty ingenious, I say.

One Simple Mom reader will win his or her choice of a Carrier from Ruth Michael! They retail for $90.

Here’s How To Win:

1. Leave a comment on this post, answering this question – What is one of your least-favorite weekly errands?

2. To get a second entry – and a second entry on all the giveaways this week – subscribe to the Simple Mom feed and email me the movie quote at the bottom of any post in your feed reader or email inbox (there is only one quote for all the giveaways). Send it to simplemomblog (at) gmail (dot) com, and put the quote directly in the subject line. The body of the email won’t be read.  And you only need to email me the quote once in order to get a second entry for all the week’s giveaways.

3. Finally, to get a third entry, post or tweet about this giveaway – if you use the URL of this post, I’ll receive it – no need to email me.

This giveaway will end this Monday, February 2 at noon EST. I hope you win!

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  1. One of my least favourite weekly errands would be drop off of old batteries/toxic recycling. It is in a SUPER inconvenient place, parking is difficult to find at the times I go in that general direction and it bothers me to go at other times as I have to make a trip on purpose… The whole unloading takes 15 seconds, but by the time I find parking, get my son out of the car, etc. etc. it seems to take forever… Oh, well…

  2. Oh Oh pick me please! I love this carrier and I so need one. What a great giveaway. That being said, my least favorite errand would have to be going to the bank. It is way across town and not by any other errands that I usually need to do.
    Thanks for the giveaway

    Keilah´s last blog post…25 Random Things About Me

  3. My leasy favorite errand is grocery shopping with all 3 little ones in tow. It is so crazy and I always leave stressed.

  4. I think my least favorite errand is driving DS to Speech Therapy. I like being there, don’t get me wrong, but the drive sucks. It’s too early in the morning, and it’s across town with NO freeway short cut :(

    Spookygirl´s last blog post…My kids love the Wii..

  5. I really HATE the shopping! Grocery, house, you name it I hate it! Would LOVE to win one of those carriers! lol

    Sabrae Carter´s last blog post…It’s in abundance!

  6. My least favorite is grocery shopping! I have 3 boys under 5 adn they are energetic. I always put off shopping or text my husband little things here & there to grab. I hate errands in general (& so do my boys!). I need to have snacks & toys/books stashed to help them. This carrier out help out so much!

    Brittany´s last blog post…Park Day

  7. I suppose the errand I feel grumbly about is grocery shopping… I do try and remind myself to be thankful because I have the means to buy healthy food for my family which is a big deal.

  8. The bank, for sure. Parking is so tight a smart car would have to make a 7-point turn to maneuver the lot well, and hauling the kid on my hip (rendering half my hands useless to write with) or opting to deal with the stroller makes no option simple, mom :) That, and for some reason I always feel like we should be silent in there, like its the library or something.

    Amanda Yeager´s last blog post…Update Facebook Status from Cellphone

  9. I actually hate to grocery shop. I find it to be very boring and I will avoid it at all cost. Luckily my husband loves to grocery shop.

    Carrie Lim´s last blog post…An Exciting Milestone

  10. Folding laundry. There’s an explosion of clothes! Where do they all come from?

    alex´s last blog post…If this outfit were a room …

  11. Oh, I could really use this bag. My car is a disaster right now. I have to say that the grocery store is rather difficult these days because my daughter does not want to sit in the buggy. She is a climber, and she tries to climb out, and steal my list, and steal my coupons, so we are quite the three ring circus in the grocery store every week.

    Laura Moore´s last blog post…Who doesn’t want a free magazine subscription?

  12. Grocery shopping is my most dreaded errand per week, especially with the kids in tow. I seem to remember driving my mother crazy when she took me grocery shopping…..must be in the genes!

  13. i actually enjoy most errands ( i do many of them on sundays without the kids) but would say the Post office since there is ALWAYS a line.

    that carrier is AWESOME and i seriously hope i win one!

  14. laundry. specifically putting the clothes away and putting pillowcases back on. yuck.

    Joanna´s last blog post…Coloring

  15. Dropping off the garbage. We live somewhere where we have to drive our garbage to the garbage bins for pick up. I hate having the smell in the car and the occasional leakage. Yuk! When we move back home to our “normal” location, I think I will hug our garbagemen! You don’t appreciate the service until you don’t have it!

  16. I really like grocery shopping, but not with my two kids tagging along. Our grocery store has the double-seater rocket cart, so I can fit both of mine safely in there without worrying about my 5 year old standing in other people’s ways, but I’m constantly breaking up the hair-pulling and shoving that only occurs when they’re seated in such close quarters. I’d rather shop alone.

    Heather´s last blog post…Haircuts, All Around!

  17. My least favorite errand is definitely grocery shopping.

    Jessica´s last blog post…Fun Friday

  18. I despise the bank so my husband usually does that but I don’t love going to the recycling center either however I LOVE getting all of that out of my house and knowing that I am not “wasting”.

    Becky´s last blog post…Eli’s off his hiatus!

  19. Grocery shopping. I used to like it, but now…not so much. I’d rather just stay home. Besides, with adorable children tagging along, it takes three times as long–it’s exhausting talking to people!

  20. going to the bank would be it!

  21. That carrier is cool! The bank is kinda a hassle because there’s no parking and ours isn’t very kid-friendly.

    Julie´s last blog post…Friday’s Fave Five

  22. I don’t have a specific one, but rather anything that doesn’t get done during the week and HAS to be done on Saturday to get the week’s sale price.

  23. I love my kids. I love the grocery store. Together, though, it’s a recipe for disaster. Love the bag!!!

  24. If I have to take the kids, grocery shopping is my least favorite errand. If I get to go by myself… it’s my MOST favorite!!!

    Leigh´s last blog post…My New Thing: Letting Go of Guilt

  25. Grocery shopping, definitely. We live on a military base on the Gulf Coast, and Katrina flooded the Commisary. It was moved to the base community center and it is CRAMPED! You can hardly fit two carts down the aisles, so it’s always a fight to get through there (with my two girls, especially.)

    Erica´s last blog post…it’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I’ve got something good for you to make up for it

  26. grocery shopping-not fun with two little ones!!! Love these!

    Bethany´s last blog post…Quick!

  27. I DESPISE grocery shopping. I do it, and I’m pretty good at keeping the budget, planning meals etc…..but I just wish I didn’t have to go every week.

  28. I don’t really have weekly errands, but I go food shopping every other week, and I always dread it. Once I go, it’s not even that bad, it just takes time to plan out the meals and make the list, and I go to two stores to shop with my 2 year old, so it feels like it takes forever.

    Christina´s last blog post…Cheap and Family Friendly Cleaners

  29. Very cool! I don’t have a car, but I could sure use one of those in our play area (ie. living room.)
    My least favourite weekly errand is toting our recycling to the recycling bin. It’s only about a 5 minute walk, but with big bags and two kids in tow, it’s not very enjoyable. The walk home always feels like a glorious relief though!

    Kim´s last blog post…On Why One Should Ask If Uncertain.

  30. Groceries

  31. For me it’s going to the bank. They are the farthest errand and no where near anything else I go to. I can’t wait until the new branch is built about 1 mile from me right next to where I grocery shop. Then I may just go there for the heck of it.

    Avlor´s last blog post…Tuna thinks he can hide from my camera…

  32. My least favorite chore is mopping the floor, mostly because it has to be done during nap time, or else my girls would be trying to splash in the water. I would rather spend naptimes doing something else!

  33. I’d have to say going to the post office is definitely a chore I don’t enjoy. If I can get out of it by passing it off to hubby, I do!

    Michelle´s last blog post…Peanut Butter Granola Bars

  34. I have love/hate relationship with going to the library during the winter. I just can’t get close enough to the entrance!

  35. Least favorite errand . . . hhhmmmm . . . that would be picking up any dry cleaning!

  36. With 4 kids in tow? Definitely the grocery shopping.

    Amy Andrews´s last blog post…It’s all grass

  37. grocery shopping!!!!

    Christine´s last blog post…Freaky Friday!

  38. Oh, that’s easy! Getting gas, especially in winter time! I really, really miss the full-serve station in the town I grew up in!

  39. I guess you can call this an errand…I love that my kids go the Christian School but I hate driving them the 1/2 hour to and from school everyday.

  40. I actually love grocery shopping (its the only shopping that I feel justified in doing, really). But when its so cold out and I have to drag along a baby in a carrier and a headstrong 2 yo, its no longer fun and I find myself putting it off until the cupboards are bare!

  41. Like to grocery shop!! It’s food related, right?
    Least fave is probably mailing stuff… I hate line-ups and the PO is the worst.

    Aimee´s last blog post…Foodie Facebook: Michele

  42. I hate going to the post office. Our nearest P.O. has crazy hours that I can’t seem to remember and I always show up at the wrong time. But their hours are only posted on their inside door, so I only see them after I have gotten the kids out of the car.

  43. Grocery shopping. I feel the need to read labels so it takes forever. What a neat carrier! I could really use that to corral the craziness in my car!

  44. my least favorite errand is grocery shopping. i almost always have my son with me, and grocery shopping with a 4 year old is just not fun for me. (and i have to say i am in LOVE with that carrier!)

    Krista´s last blog post…Montreal-bound

  45. avatar
    Shelley M. says:

    Grocery shopping. The planning and coupon cutting alone is enough to send me over the edge (so time consuming yet so necessary). The carrier is so great. My car could really use one…or five of those.

  46. Without a doubt my least favorite weekly errand is grocery shopping! Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways this week!!

    MaryBeth´s last blog post…The Rotation

  47. Least – Dry Cleaners
    You have to get out! Never heard of such until we moved here. DRIVE THRU People….

    Kim P´s last blog post…Overview

  48. ugh, grocery shopping.
    it’s such a downer!

    emily anderson´s last blog post…hold onto your seats…

  49. Picking up/dropping off dry cleaning is my least favorite errand.

  50. Ooohh, I LOVE this! My least favorite errand … hmmm. It’s really every errand right now. We have over 2 feet of snow and I usually have 3 children under 4 with me, so my least favorite thing is running errands in the winter, period. Thanks :-)

    Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog post…Good Reads: Princess Edition

  51. I do not love to shop for groceries. I ALWAYS (even with a list) forget something and have to go back! So frustrating!

    Stephanie´s last blog post…Snow Day!

  52. grocery shopping with 4 kids!

    Shalae´s last blog post…It’s that time of year

  53. Grocery shopping! I actually don’t mind the process of doing it and I am very organized with my shopping. I don’t like the TIME it takes out of my week! :)

  54. Grocery shopping! I hate the crowds and waiting in line. And then you have to put everything away… with a three month old it’s especially difficult.

    Emily´s last blog post…Suzie Homemaker Moment

  55. I actually have very few errands to run each week, but my least favorite weekly errand is grocery shopping.

  56. Going to the grocery store!

  57. The post office in winter – there are no paths cleared out of the snow by the parking spaces so I have to trudge through dirty slushy snow banks to get to the building. Definitely my least favorite.

  58. Put me down for two…..
    Least favorite? The day in and day out of taking care of clutter…don’t do that well.

  59. Ugggh – going to the grocery store. Getting my thoughts together and then making sure everything that we need is written down is stressful.

  60. These are so cool! My least favorite weekly errand is going to the post office. :(

  61. My least favorite weekly errand has to be grocery shopping! I have to take a *very* independent and wiggly two year old, and a one year old who wants to follow his big sister.

    I always leave so frustrated, almost in tears with glares from other women that say to me “control those kids, you freak!”


    Chris´s last blog post…Did you send this to me?

  62. I am crazy in love with my husband, but I don’t like waking up at 4:00 to take him to the bus stop.

  63. I hate to be unoriginal, but my least favorite weekend activity is grocery shopping, specifically, putting the groceries away. By the time I get home I just want to dump them on the kitchen floor and let the family go to town.

    Gail´s last blog post…Friday Fill Ins

  64. I really dread going to the post office every week. The parking is bad, and it’s hard getting both kids out of the car, inside, etc…

  65. I don’t like going to the post office – I try to put it off for as long as possible.

  66. Grocery Shopping. Unless I can go by myself. That’s enjoyable!

  67. I would have to say picking up/dropping off at the dry cleaners.

  68. My least favorite weekly errand is probably the post office … it’s small and crowded and generally very busy!

    stephanie´s last blog post…L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge ::: The Conclusion

  69. Grocery shopping, ugg.

    LaToya @ Christian Momma´s last blog post…Post Baby Body Blues

  70. My least favorite errand is grocery shopping – I am trying to keep it all under budget, my son happy, and the coupons organized. I always leave feeling defeated and stressed! Yuck! But I love the carrier!

    Rita – Creatively Domestic´s last blog post…Skulls ‘n Crossbones Bib

  71. avatar
    Stephanie says:

    I can’t think of an errand that is my least favorite. I guess it might be the grocery store w/all four of my kids, but I really don’t mind that. I really like the car organizer though, and have actually been looking for something like this, but didn’t know it existed! I’ve just recently found your website, and even when you aren’t giving away all of this fun stuff it feels like there are so many free resources on here anyhow. It’s really great and I’m very thankful for it.

  72. My least favorite errand is the post office. It is hard to keep the two little ones out of all the “stuff” sitting around on the floor and low shelves while doing my thing at the counter.

  73. That bag looks terrific!

    I enjoy most of my errands. I guess the least liked is trips needed to the dry cleaners, just because it is so expensive!

    Tammy´s last blog post…~16 Years in the Making…~

  74. It is a toss up between going grocery shopping~ 3 different stores and taking the kids to all of their different practices!!

  75. Everything is challenging with 3 kids (one is a newborn)! Grocery store is probably the worst though.

  76. Grocery Shopping.
    I wish I liked it, but I don’t.
    That is an awesome bag!

    Jenny´s last blog post…

  77. I hate going to the bank.

  78. My lease favorite errand is the grocery store. Even with a list I always end up in some crazy time warp, and it’s time to rush home.

    Tasha´s last blog post…Memes and howdy

  79. Picking up my husband from work. He walks home in nice weather, but if he needs a ride it’s usually right in the middle of dinner prep.

  80. avatar
    Southern Gal says:

    Grocery shopping. It ends up taking an enormous chunk of time and I always seem to forget something then I have to go BACK.

  81. Gotta go with the majority and say the grocery store. Although, in reality that’s really a love-hate relationship.

    I Iove your blog! Just discovered it a little while ago.

  82. My least favorite errand is taking my kids to the church for the 1000th time of the week. We can’t just all get in the car and go, that would be too easy. One has to be there at 4:00 for band practice then one at 5:00 for small group then the rest at 6:00 for church. The 4:00 just got his license so two down, three more to go! The bag would make me hop and skip and sing sweet songs all the way!

    Holly´s last blog post…Cameron’s 16th birthday party

  83. Pretty much anything that involves bundling up my 1-year-old son to go out in the cold and trying to keep a busy little boy happy while we are out!

  84. My least favorite errands all have the same theme: going someplace that doesn’t have a shopping cart or drive-through. Like the post office. Get both kids out of the car and then carry the box you need to mail while trying to hold both hands is a feat… then get inside and keep them corralled while you wait in line.

    This bag looks awesome! I never win anything but I thought I’d try anyway. Love your blog!

  85. I really don’t like shopping, unless I know exactly what I want and where it is.

  86. avatar
    terri mac says:

    I don’t like getting drinking water. The bottles are so heavy!

  87. getting gas

    Denise´s last blog post…For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

  88. These are adorable!

    My least favorite weekly errand is going grocery shopping by myself. I love it when my husband can join me. But for some reason, when I go by myself I tend to get lonesome. Now, I’m sure once I have kids this will all change. I will revel in the alone-time I will get with me and the produce aisle!

    Tiffany´s last blog post…the love of letters.

  89. I’ve been searching for something just like this, finding nothing that quite suits – how wonderful! The errand I most dislike is usually the only errand I run during the weeks now that it’s winter… and it’s shopping for groceries. I should love this job of serving my family, but with prices going up and income staying steady, it seems its more frustrating anymore than anything else.

  90. I don’t like checking the post office either! Getting the kids out for just a five minute run to the PO Box is so frustrating! And usually it is empty so its all the work and no “reward”.

    MamaB´s last blog post…Grace in Small Things 24

  91. Picking up a couple gallons of milk when the refrigerator has none.

  92. I don’t like going into the post office. There’s always a line and with 2 small kids, lines are not my friends!

    Gina´s last blog post…Just another day…

  93. Oh, I would love this. I have been looking for something just like it. My least favorite errand is the dry cleaning. I have a hard time remembering to pick it up, then I loose the ticket, it is a big fiasco!

  94. My least favorite would be taking the cans and bottles back to the redemption center. It’s not weekly (Thank the Lord!!!), but it’s an awful task and gets put off longer than it should.

  95. avatar
    Jessica B. says:

    I love shopping but taking the kids with me can be a draining experience.

  96. well, i nanny for a 9-month-old baby. while i LOVE LOVE LOVE taking my son to school and picking him up, it’s a pain to get the baby ready, put her in her car seat, take her to the car, blah, blah, blah. so i consider that an “errand” when i have to take the baby an it’s my least favorite. i like all my other errands! running in to the post office on occassion is yucky too.

  97. oh, grocery shopping! hands down! it used to be a little easier, but with wrangling the two boys nowadays, it’s become a chore……….
    might be easier with that cute carrier to cheer me up!

  98. The grocery store is no fun.

  99. My least favorite errand of all right now is taking the kids to the pediatrician for their check-up (does that count as an errand?). My 2yo is terrified of the office, and she always panics when she recognizes the door. It’s really sad. If that doesn’t count, I really hate taking the kids to the post office. There is only one in our town, and it’s ALWAYS slammed with huge lines. It’s hard to corral my toddler and 6mo and I always feel flustered. Not fun! Thanks for such a neat giveaway!

    Katie´s last blog post…something that makes me smile

  100. There’s no particular errand that I like the least – what I don’t like is lots of little errands, taking my kids in and out of car seats.