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This giveaway is now closed. The winners are Shalae, Lisa S., and Janet W. Congratulations!

The final Etsy shop of the day is for *Shey*[B], perfect for the budding photographer in your life. Shealynn is a photographer herself, and she had the fun idea to spruce up her simple, black camera with some color. She created a camera strap cover for her camera, and received so many compliments that she decided to sell them.

There’s a camera strap for any personality – funky, classic, simple, feminine, or outdoorsy. My husband raised an eyebrow when I first told him about her camera straps, but when I showed him the masculine-ish fabrics available, he was won over.

Three of you will win one of the following camera strap covers from *Shea*[B]:

Here’s How To Win:

1. Leave a comment on this post, answering this question – What is one of your favorite photographs in your home?

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This giveaway will end this Sunday, February 1 at noon EST. I hope you win!

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  1. one of my favorite photos… it’s hard to pick one! i suppose it would be the picture that i have of my birth mom holding my newborn son in the hospital. i found her when i was 27, and 3 years later my son was born. it was so amazing to watch her hold him and think of how different things were on the day that i was born… and how far things have come for us since then.

  2. Ah! I would LOVE one of these. My Nikon needs some sprucing 🙂

    As a photographer and mother, it is very hard to say what my fave is. I’d have to go with a candid of my now 4 yr old back when he was just 2. He is lifting his sleeve up to take a peak at his newest (fake of course) tattoo. It is just precious and really gives me a glimpse into him at that time. Soooo into tattoos.

    Ah, good memories 🙂

    Angie @ The Creative Mama´s last blog post…the go-to bag.

  3. I love a picture I took over Christmas of my husband teaching my nephew how a real Army soldier ties his boots. It’s the sweetest moment and I love how intent their faces are. I need a little boy! And a camera strap!!

  4. I have adored these from afar for months. I’ve even tried making them myself. And since I have no sewing ability whatsoever, I have failed miserably.

    My favorite picture in the house right now is a snapshot taken of my husband and my college mascot. We went to different colleges and there is some major animosity between us. A few months ago we went to a football game at my alma mater and I convinced him to wear our team colors, our mascot was walking through the crowd and right as I snapped the picture of the two of them, my husband threw up the hand sign for his alma mater. There’s nothing like my ASU-bred husband, saying go Sun Devils when he’s wearing orange and blue and standing with a Florida Gator. (And to top it all off, the Gators were number 1!)

  5. the wedding picture that hangs in our bedroom

    Christy´s last blog post…simple skirt for spring

  6. My kids snuggling in the big chair.

  7. a picture of my husband and I when we were dating…….so young and innocent!

  8. A close up photo of my daughter’s face that my son took. So sweet!

  9. One of my favorite shots is one I took of my husband and daughter. I am a photographer, and was practicing with my new flash so I asked them to stand in front of a backdrop so I could practice my lighting. I ended up with a bunch of goofy shots, and one beautiful shot of him holding her and kissing her head. She was smiling. I love it! I framed it and have it in our bedroom.

    Christina´s last blog post…Cheap and Family Friendly Cleaners

  10. One of our favorites if the family picture that was just taken in December with our new addition. Now a family of 5.

    Jessica´s last blog post…There she goes…

  11. My favorite photograph is one of our wedding. My husband is faded in the background looking at me in all my beautiful bride glory.

    Sara´s last blog post…Simple Mom

  12. My favorite photo is a family portrait at the beach in the summer. Another fave is a candid black & white of my grandparents laughing when they were about 18 and newly dating.

  13. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I love the black and white ones of our kids that we have in our living room.

  14. My all time favorite photograph(s) is a series of three with scenes from Kansas (my home state). People always envision Kansas as being flat and boring, but I spent a good portion of my life in the Flint Hills which can be beautiful and hilly. As a military family we live all over the place, but the photos always hang in the living room where I will see them every day!

    Mrs. McGrew´s last blog post…Obama Photos

  15. A photograph of my husband and I on our wedding day. We’re sitting back in a lounge chair and laughing.

    One Frugal Girl´s last blog post…I Am In Love… With a Sandwich

  16. The Christmas pictures from last year of the kids playing at the beach, I got them blown up to 8 x 10 and black and white for my husbands gift.

    Keilah´s last blog post…25 Random Things About Me

  17. I love all pictures of my daughter but especially the ones with her daddy.

    Jodi´s last blog post…Movie Madness Answer

  18. A big picture of my entire family above our fireplace.

    Ruth´s last blog post…Redoubt Volcano…

  19. A picture of my hubby (then boyfriend) and me, dressed up in Dutch folk outfits, I am holding a basket of tulips and he’s holding a head of cheese. Hilarious!

    Emma´s last blog post…My miserable failure at brushing my toddler’s teeth

  20. my 3 kids on the beach, from last summer. it’s my blog header and avatar

    Jen@OurDailyBigTop´s last blog post…Friday Mix

  21. Its a collection of landscape photos from 6 different family vacations we have taken.

    Katherine´s last blog post…forget the cookies just give me that batter

  22. The first thing that popped into my head was it’s a wedding day photo of Matt and I dancing – my hair’s down, he’s swinging me in his arms, and we are both deliriously happy. But after a split second I realized that image is now tied with a photo we have of Fiona taken less than hour after her birth. She’s in an incubator being wheeled to my room, and is already looking so alert and intelligent.

    christy´s last blog post…Fiona does not love sweet potatoes

  23. my all time favorite photo is one of my mom and i when i was a baby.

    it’s from a time when she was battling brain cancer and a newborn. her long wavy locks are gone from the radiation and the short styled wig is in it’s place. we’re on the porch swing at my grandparents home – the swing which is still there. it takes me to another time and place and makes me feel connected to her at a life phase i can relate to.

    Micha B´s last blog post…so, i was facebook tagged

  24. Probably one of my parents, because they are far away -They were figuring out the self timer on their new camera and are laughing. They are so relaxed and casual in it, and just how I remember and want to picture them.

  25. A photo of my husband and two of my children pushing sailboats at the Jardins du Luxembourg in Paris.

  26. My favorite is a family photo from Christmas before last…. just a precious shot with all four of our girls looking in the same direction for a change!

    MaryBeth´s last blog post…The Rotation

  27. susaninfrance says:

    a photo of my kids!

  28. My favorite photograph in our home is one of the sand dunes that we visited on a vacation a few years back.

  29. My favorite picture is the pictures of my sons at a year old. I have one for each of them and I love looking back at how they looked and acted at a year. It goes soooo quickly!

  30. The portraits I took for Christmas of my kids.

    Avlor´s last blog post…Tuna thinks he can hide from my camera…

  31. I have so many but the first one that popped in to my head was one I took of my feet with my third child’s feet when he was about two months old. It’s a B&W photo & it hung on our wall for a couple years. I love that photo.

  32. I’ve got one of my zany 4-year-old nephew sporting a cute mohawk and riding on a springy park animal. It’s awesome!

  33. whatever is the current one on my screensaver. i always put my most recent best shot there. love the camera straps.

    chickadee´s last blog post…What’s this?

  34. My favorite photo in my home is of my son and me. We had a little shoot for his 2nd b-day and he was nervous at first. The pic is of me holding him and his head is on my shoulder. It’s so cute!

  35. The picture of my husband and our youngest daughter gazing intently at each other on the day she was born

  36. Photos from our wedding day.

  37. One of my husband and I from Mardi Gras – we’d been dating only 3 weeks.

    Erica´s last blog post…it’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I’ve got something good for you to make up for it

  38. Mine is a group of four in the same frame two maternity pics and two newborn pics of my three month old son! So sweet!

    Emily´s last blog post…12 Weeks

  39. I love the wedding photos I have up next to our entry way. They remind me of one of the happiest days of my life.

  40. Definitely the one from last fall that was for our Christmas cards. The lighting was perfect, the moment was perfect–outside in the leaves big brother holding little brother. It sits on my piano and I love it!

  41. It’s a family photo of all of us laughing and Addison jumping. It’s my header on my blog. I need to change it because I was pregnant with Reese at the time and now she’s 14 months. I should probably include a photo where you can “see” all of us.

    Mindy´s last blog post…Ethan at 4

  42. My fav pic is actually 3 different ones, but in a collage of 3. They’re of my 2 oldest boys when they were younger, Christmas one year, Halloween the next, and Christmas the next. So cute to see the progression all in one shot!

    April´s last blog post…Friday Flashback

  43. Shelley C says:

    One of my favorites is of my husband and oldest son. He had just learned to walk (at 9 mos)…he’s probably 11mos in the picture….Hubby is walking towards the barn with the little one walking behind…walking in his footsteps….Love that picture….

  44. haha! Hard one to describe. It’s a pic of my twins, at the age of two, in our backyard watering and “mowing” the grass. They were buck naked. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

  45. I love our wedding picture!

    Nikowa@KHA´s last blog post…Art Project – New Behavior Clips

  46. Those are GORGEOUS camera straps… My favorite picture (hard to decide!) I think is a series of 3 that a friend captured while my DD was a year old, sitting on my lap laughing really hard about something. The expressions on her face in each photo are so full of joy, I can’t help but smile when I look at them.

  47. Any photographs of my kids. Love photos, just love them 🙂

    Jenny´s last blog post…

  48. Oh I have a huge blown up bright-color picture of my hubby and I both kissing our sweet baby girl when she was just 12 days old – a dear friend took it for us and I just LOVE it! 🙂 (that’s why I blew it up to 16×20!) And OH I would LOVE those strap covers — so so cute!

    Becca´s last blog post…A Few of My Favorite Things

  49. Hands down, it is a black and white of my daughter at 9 mos. She is sitting in a chair and has this coy, sweet little look. That look sure has pegged her personality as she has grown. To boot, my husband framed it and gave it to me for mother’s day (I took the picture.) Since my daughter’s birth I have become such a photographer and this past Christmas my husband got me a Nikon D 60 – nice guy!!! Oh if he had only known about the straps!

  50. I love our wedding photo. We look like such babies: 18 and 19.

    Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home´s last blog post…I ♥ Faces: Joy (week 3)

  51. Oooh… I’ve really been wanting one of those!!

    My most favourite picture is one I took of my daughter when she was 3 weeks old. Its a close up of her face that shows her chubby little cheeks off beautifully. I’ve taken lots of other fun pictures since then, but that one seemed to perfectly capture her as a newborn.

  52. Niki from NorCal says:

    My son at 14 months (he’s now 8) mesmorized by a rock which he’s holding towards the sun.

  53. My favorite shot was taken at Lake Malawi (in Africa) when the sun was rising. The blue of the Lake and the blue of dawn blend in, but a few sun rays are starting to reflect up through the clouds. It’s the picture of serenity.

  54. A picture at Easter of my oldest when he was 18 months: head tossed back laughing with complete glee!

    Rachel Halpin´s last blog post…Upon Our Bulletin Board

  55. My favorite photo in the house still needs to be framed! It’s of my daughter poking her hear around a tree. She looks like she is plotting something. Her hair is perfectly pig-tailed, she’s wearing cute red mary janes, and thick stockings. It reminds me that although I try and have things all put together (like her) she is constantly spicing up my life with her mischievousness.

  56. My daughter’s Halloween costume from this year- a bee. She is so cute holding her Elmo trick-or-treat basket and juice cup, ready to hit the streets looking for candy!

    Sarah´s last blog post…How to change a diaper

  57. Southern Gal says:

    This isn’t a photograph I took, but…I have to pick three. I had a portrait made with each of my babies when they were between 6 and 8 weeks old. They are each 16×20 matted and take up the wall in my foyer over the piano. I LOVE THEM! (We were told we would never have any children, so I had the first one done with my daughter. Then our son was born and ten years later another son. Of course I had to have it done with all my babies.)

  58. mary faith says:

    One of my favorites is a pic that captures just my daughter’s eyes when she was about 7 months old. She is wearing a hat that covers her head and a blanket is around her shoulders and mouth so it’s just her eyes that are featured. It’s simple and I just love it! (and her, of course!)

  59. I love the picture of my son in the pumpkin patch. The colors are just beautiful on a crisp fall day, especially the bright blue sky and orange pumpkins.

  60. My favorite photgraph in my home is the five generational picture I have of my dad’s side of the family! I love the history, the black and white, and the emotions captured in the shot!!!:)

  61. If I had to choose one picture I would choose a picture from our wedding day. Simply because it is the day that started everything else.

    Krissi´s last blog post…Fourteen Years and Counting

  62. We have a candid family photo of us in the fall leaves at the park – I love it!

  63. My favorite photo up in the house is of hubby and I as we walked down the aisle, newly married. The joy on our faces still makes me smile…

    Leigh´s last blog post…My New Thing: Letting Go of Guilt

  64. A photo of my children on the beach last year is my current favorite. I would love to be back there now.

  65. Shannon Q says:

    My little girl with my sweet baby boy in her lap. He has chubby hands with little dimples and she is looking at him and grinning. It makes me so happy!!!

  66. One of my favorite photographs in my house is of my oldest daughter when she was just 12 months old. She is wearing the cutest orange gingham dress and sitting in a big pile of dirt. Her little moccasin is peaking out from under her dress and her hands are covered in dirt. So sweet!

    Liz´s last blog post…Awe Inspiring Art

  67. A photo I bought at an art show in Beijing. It is of the Great Wall and just looks so beautiful.

  68. My favorite is hands down the candid from our wedding day of me warming up my hands under my husbands armpits. It was a freezing cold February day and we’re laughing about how crazy we were to get married in February. And in the photo it’s obvious we were deliriously happy to be nuts. 🙂

    Karey´s last blog post…Lest you think I am the perfect mother… (read in sarcastic voice)

  69. My favorite photo is one of my youngest son shreading tissue paper and looking very guilty (and cute)

  70. My favorite is a black and white closeup of my daughter when she was about 6 months old. My second favorite is a picture I took of a sunset in Thailand.

    Elaine´s last blog post…Literacy Thursday, Itsy Bitsy Spider

  71. one of my favorites is of my older daughter, the easter before she turned 2. we were at my inlaws house in philadelphia and it was snowing…carly was looking out the window and the light on her fat little baby cheeks is so sweet.

    Liz´s last blog post…Bree’s Busy Morning

  72. My favorite photo is our oldest daughter holding her baby sister.

  73. Marissa O says:

    Definitely hard to narrow it down to one. I think one of my favorites is of my daughter at the beach in her sundress. I’m longing for warmth lately! Spring is just SO far away!

  74. oh, my poor little canon needs so pizazz. my most favorite photograph? tough call. would have to be the very first picture we have of our “whole” family. right after i delivered our youngest child.

    life with the wisners´s last blog post…january 29 2009

  75. a candid of my husband and i on our wedding day. we were both laughing and every time we look at it we smile.

  76. my favorite photo is one we had done professionally of our twins before our boy was born. they had on white skirts and were hugging each other. very cute.

  77. my favorite is a black & white portrait of my dad I have hanging in my living room. It’s a beautiful portrait and always reminds me of the day I took it. I have it set up with a b&w portrait of my brother and one my nephew, 3 generations all on my living room wall. Love it.

    laurie´s last blog post…the squinks

  78. my favorite would be one of my husband holding my daughter naked when she was 6 weeks old.

  79. terri mac says:

    It’s a photo of the three of us, laughing hard. My daughter is wearing her dinosaur sweater.

  80. Ooh, I just found your blog from the Bloggies, and its great!

    My favorite photo is a 34×36 canvas over the fireplace that I took of our family with a self-timer in front of the gorgeous rocky mountains. I love it because the color is so gorgeous and it just embodies so much of the feel of our lives here in Colorado.

    Gretchen Ree´s last blog post…Picture Princess – Melody

  81. My niece at age 3, rain boots on, umbrella in hand and a determined expression on her face… all on a sunny July afternoon.

  82. My favorite photo is a shot of my 2 daughters. The 2 year old is snuggled into her 12 year old sister…..just a precious photo!!

    Jessica´s last blog post…There is a two year old in the house……

  83. my fav pic is of my 7 kids at the beach–done in black and white and so much fun. love it!

  84. My favorite photo is a black and white picture I took of my dad and sisters on his sailboat.

  85. The little miss all bundled up in snow gear and a smile while sitting on a public art bench downtown.

  86. my favorite picture changes depending on my mood, but currently i’m loving a pic of my 1 1/2 year old daughter smiling down at her new baby brother in his bassinet. she’s starting to warm up to the new addition!

  87. Adrienne G says:

    My favorite is the picture we have of our son when he was just a few weeks old, and he’s laying on my husbands arm. I just love it!!

  88. wow – what cute straps!!
    my favorite photo is one i took of my son when he was a few days old laying on the bed next to my husband.

  89. A favorite picture of mine is one I tore from a magazine when I was a kid. It’s a picture of a horse and his cowgirl. They both are being silly and it makes me laugh. I’ve hung on it all these years and I love it.

  90. My favorite photo is one that I took of my husband and son…they were just getting ready to fall asleep on the couch together. So sweet. He’s such a great dad!!!

  91. My favorite photo is of my daughter playing in the snow for the first time. She is just all smiles and playing like crazy.

  92. Michelle C says:

    One of the few photos in my home that I didn’t take is my daughter’s graduation portrait. It’s one of my favorites! Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. My favorite picture is of my son when he was two years old holding a big bucket of bright red and green apples. He has one apple in his hand and is about to throw it. Of course the devilish grin on his face is priceless.

  94. My favorite photo is a 4X6 black and white of my husband as a baby. He comes from a poor family in Africa and this is the only photo we have of him as a child. I love comparing it to our own children to check out resemblances and when I am annoyed with him the photo reminds me that he is “someone’s baby” 🙂 – and to be gentle with him. Maybe that sounds silly but it is true.

  95. My favorite picture is one of my daughter in a pink fleece jacket.

  96. i have a photo of my grandfather, taken when he was about 19. it was before the war (wwII) and before he met my grandmother. it’s full of innocence and wonder…so much of his life lay before him…
    it is one of my cherished possessions.
    thanks for the give aways!

  97. how fun is this camera strap? my favorite pic is a black and white close up of my son when he was just a few weeks old.

    jessica´s last blog post…Teddy…

  98. I have a lovely candid shot of my grandma and dad embracing and laughing. It’s precious!

  99. the picture on my husband’s phone of my daughter and i minutes after her delivery.

  100. I think that one of my favorite photos is one that my husband took of the kids and me. My youngest is a baby and my oldest was about 2 years old and has a HUGE grin on her face.

    Kiddlebug´s last blog post…Crazy Love