Giveaway: Café Modena from Breville

This giveaway is now closed. Check back this weekend for the winner!

Welcome to Simple Living Media’s  Home for the Holidays!  We’ve got 25 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win a great gift, just in time for the holidays.

Today I’m giving away a Café Modena Espresso Machine from Breville. This is the perfect at-home espresso maker — it’s small, it’s simple to use, and it makes delicious cappuccinos, macchiatos, or whatever coffee drink you fancy.

Kyle and I have been happy for years using only a French press for our daily joe. And we still use it — but it’s been a blast making americanos and lattes on the spot, with no need to drive to a café and spend $4 for a drink.

Valued at $149, this thing pays for itself in almost a month, if you were to buy an expensive drink daily (and if you read Simple Mom, you probably don’t — but now you don’t need to!).

Learn more about this little beauty and how to win it.

When Kyle and I first took it out of the box, we were a smidge intimidated. How do these things work? But honestly, we had our first drink made in about 15 minutes. Breville provided plenty of visuals in their instruction manual, so it only took us a few times to get the espresso measurements they way we like it. It also comes with a:

  • stainless steel frothing pitcher,
  • combo measuring spoon and tamping tool,
  • cleaning wand,
  • stainless steel frothing pitcher, and
  • two cute little espresso cups and saucers.

At first, we thought something was wrong with our machine because when we turned the dial to start frothing milk, it started making a low-grade thumping noise. It almost sounded like it was broken. We did a bit of research, though, and it turns out this is what pump machines do — as in, this is a simple higher-end machine similar to those found in commercial coffee shops.

The frothing tool is powered by a 15 bar Italian-made pump, not steam. So it works in a flash, and is super easy to use. Back in our early days of marriage we had a simple steam machine, and I could never get the froth right. With the Café Modena, it’s perfect each time.

There are only two things I wish were different on this machine:

1. The frothing wand spits out a bit of water at first.  This isn’t a major deal, though, since you have the frothing pitcher right there to catch it.  You can pour it out and then pour in your milk, but I just leave it in there and let it mix in the milk.  We’re talking about a teaspoon of water, so to me, this isn’t a big deal.

2. It’s also a bit hard to see the water level in the back.  You have to angle yourself just-so to see how much water you have, which is important — you don’t ever want to run an espresso machine without enough water, or you’ll burn the pump.

Breville sent us their indoor smart grill a few years ago, and we’ve been extremely pleased with it. They’re a great company that makes quality, aesthetically-pleasing products that are simple to use.

I’m not a fan of single-tasking gadgets in the kitchen, but Breville makes tools that can carry you through all your culinary feats. Their mini grills mean you can barbecue year-round or make simple paninis in a flash, their variety of cooking tools help you speed up your daily cooking needs, and of course, their line of espresso machines turn your kitchen into a café.

Kyle and I have used our Café Modena daily since we got it, and have been extremely pleased. All in all, this is a great workhorse machine in our kitchen, and it would make a fabulous Christmas present for the coffee lover in your life.

One Simple Mom reader will win a Café Modena Espresso Machine from Breville!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What’s your favorite coffee drink? Or if you don’t drink coffee yourself, who would you give this to and why?

2. For an extra entry, “like” Breville and Simple Mom on Facebook. — you can use the provided buttons below. Then leave an additional comment letting me know you’ve done so.


Simple Mom:

This giveaway will end tonight, Monday, November 29 at 11:59 p.m. I hope you win! We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week.

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  1. vanilla latte, half the syrup

  2. Java Chip Frappucino from Starbucks or the one that Panera USED to have but discontinued, I think it was called a mocha chip.

  3. I love a yummy vanilla latte.

  4. I like you both on Facebook.

  5. cafe mocha – this would be wonderful – I hope I am the lucky one

  6. liked you on fb…

  7. I liked both things on facebook!

  8. We love pretty much any kind of coffee drink… would love to have fun with this! Thank you for the chance to win

  9. just liked both fb pages!

  10. Small traditional cap for our family — love that frothy milk!

  11. Alice Field says:

    Cappacino is the best breakfast… cheers!

  12. My favorite coffee drinks are the ones with the caffeine in them. 🙂

    As a momma to three boys under 4 my current makeup is 99% caffeine 1% hope for a day when there is calm in my home. 🙂

    but, I do love a nice vanilla latte.

  13. I adore cappuccinos.

  14. i love a frappucino from starbucks!!!

  15. i “Liked” both breville and simple mom on FB.

  16. the only coffee drink that i enjoy is cappuccino, but i have many friends that love coffee drinks, so it’d be fun to treat them when they come over!

  17. I like a good pumpkin spice latte!

  18. I like Breville and Simple Mom on facebook!

  19. My favorite coffee drink is vanilla soy cafe latte. Oh how I would love to win this!

  20. I’m generally a plain coffee girl, but when I want to really treat myself I get a vanilla latte. How I would love to branch out with this!

  21. I don’t drink coffee or coffee drinks, but, my favorite person in the world-husband-does, and he has been wanting one of these!!!!

  22. I love a Hazelnut latte. My mom received one of these fabulous machines as gift last Christmas-it is WONDERFUL!

  23. Oh, coffee, you make me sooooo happy. I would say my favorite Christmas coffee is a peppermint mocha (which I haven’t had yet this season. sniff.) but my all year fav is cafe au lait. I love how milky it is. This is making me really sad that I woke up and discovered there was no coffee in the house this morning

  24. I love a red eye with a splash of milk and raw sugar.

  25. hands down: Americano 🙂 topped with a little cold soy!

  26. I like Breville and Simple Mom on Facebook. Thanks!

  27. Donielle Ruth says:

    Just “like” Simple Mom on Facebook!

  28. I “like” you both! cause you’re awesome like that!

  29. I love vanilla lattes, but at home I make a mocha with Ovaltine and half-and-half. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. i would love this little machine for my skinny caramel lattes!!! thanks for the giveaway!

  31. I like Breville on FB

  32. I love just plain lattes but order them with soymilk (because I’m lactose intolerant) but if I had my own Cafe Modena Espresso Machine I could make them with almond milk which I much prefer!

  33. I “like” you on FB. Actually, I read your blog so eagerly I wish I could “love” it on FB.

  34. My favorite coffee at this time of year is a pumpkin spice latte -YUM!

  35. jennyann1126 says:

    A breve with a shot of coconut or pumpkin.

  36. My favourite “treat” drink is a caramel macchiato.

  37. I Like Simple Mom on Facebook 🙂

  38. My fav coffee drink…Pumpkin spice lattes. Just got back from Italy and will never be satisfied with Starbucks again. 😉

  39. Renissa Francis says:

    I love peppermint mocha but I would give it to my son who heads a christian group on his college campus and serves all types of coffee to anyone who stops by his room!

  40. I have been drinking coffee since I was two and I love drinking it every morning. I only gave it up while pregnant and nursing. My favorite is black coffee, but I do love to indulge an espresso with some milk or cream. Mmmmmm.

  41. I just liked Breville and Simple Mom on Facebook!

  42. I like cappucino and my husband likes espresso. Sharing coffee in the morning is our special time of day. Our old espresso machine died because my husband poured the grounds where the water should go 🙁 We miss it!

  43. While I do like fancy sweetened lattes, I’d win this dandy little machine for my husband. He is a coffee connoisseur, and he’s been searching for a good cappuccino machine. This sounds perfect!

  44. I love cappuccinos!!!

  45. I liked Simple Mom on fb.

  46. Donielle Ruth says:

    Just “like” Breville on Facebook.

  47. I “liked” you both of Facebook.

  48. I Like “Simple MOM” and “Breville” on Facebook

  49. I also liked Breville AND SimpleMom on FB!

  50. I would love to win this modern machine! I love freshly-brewed coffee every morning and my coffee machine is 23 years old!!
    I love Mocca coffee, and after a good meal I love to curl up with an Italian Espresso. I am a real coffee addict and this would be coffee-heaven for me!!
    Thank you!

  51. Cynde Kaply says:

    My favorite drink is a chai tea latte. I have recently gotten totally hooked on these, and have tried to figure out how to make it at home and have it not be as expensive, but still get the same taste. Would this machine do that?

  52. Melissa Greenwood says:

    My favorite treat is a Caramel Latte or a Caramel Macchiato- very hard to find Gluten and Dairy free at coffee places. (I have mine made with soy milk- but not all places have that and not all of the caramel syrups are gluten and dairy free!) I would LOVE to be able to make my own at home, but the machines are too expensive to afford right now. It is a wonderful indulgence though. I’d rather have a Caramel Macchiato than any other sweet treat!

  53. I LOVE the holiday flavored latte’s… especially gingerbread… now i’m craving one… would love to be able to make one at home and save me some money – hubby would love that too! 😉

  54. My favorite coffee drink is made by a friend’s coffee shop: a “round the horn” – a mocha with white chocolate, milk chocolate, and caramel. Sweet! Thank you for the giveaway!

  55. rebekahclaire says:

    My favorite coffee drink is a cappuccino, but a latte will do in a pinch. 🙂 i like simple mom!

  56. I love a mocha!

  57. Ivy Barnes says:

    Woo hoo! I would love it!

  58. Yummy – this is right up my alley! My fave is Peppermint Mocha!

  59. I love Lola Savannah’s Pecan Maple Nut. It has pecans mixed in with the coffee beans. Delicious.

  60. I luuuuuuuuuuv lattes. But right now if I won it I would give it my best friend as she really needs something special in her life right now as she is going through a hard time and I would love to give her this as she would feel so special, it might make her feel like her luck is changing to get a gift like this.

  61. Wow, cool give away. I would give it to my brother and his wife. They asked for a coffee machine. It would be really cool to give them this one.

  62. I would LOVE this for my sister for Christmas! Finances are tight, so her morning coffeehouse brew was the first thing to be cut. How cool if she could treat herself at home each morning instead!! 🙂

    Wishing you a peaceful, happy holiday!

  63. I enjoy a gingerbread latte! Would LOVE this machine.

  64. I like Simple Mom on FB!

  65. Merry Christmas to ME! I would keep this baby for myself! 🙂 Fav drink – non-fat latte with a dash of cinnamon. yum!

  66. My husband and I both love Cappacinos! we actually used to have a maker, and then it died. We got it fixed. It died again. So we have been cappacino-less for about 2 years!! This is a fantastic giveaway! thanks Tsh!

  67. facebook likes – check, check. cheers!

  68. I like Simple Mom & Breville on Facebook!

  69. I used to be a mocha girl, now I’m obsessed with no-foam vanilla lattes. Yum.

  70. I LOVE coffee, however, my uncle loves it even more. I would love to win this gift and give it to him for Christmas! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  71. And I “liked” you both on Facebook!

  72. I like both Breville and Simple Mom on facebook!

  73. My favourite coffee is just a straight shot of espresso, with a little peppermint extract added in. So delicious! For an extra kick, I’ll add steamed almond milk. Mmm

    Liked on facebook!

  74. I LOVE coffee and would love adding some hot milk to mine daily. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to dream a bit.

  75. I love caramel latte’s with my homemade syrup!

  76. Love, love a chai tea latte, or a mocha!!!

  77. I’m not a coffee drinker either but my husband is. The machine would be for him as well as for our frequent dinner guests. Thanks!

  78. My favorite coffee drink is a mocha!

  79. Kati Johnson says:

    I love an iced americano or simple latte.

  80. I *liked* Breville and Simple Mom on Facebook.

  81. I love Lattes. And I especially love them prepared in a home – there’s something so cozy about steaming milk in one’s own kitchen!

  82. Kati Johnson says:

    I liked Breville and Simple Mom on Facebook!!

  83. Sheri Slowey says:

    My favorite coffee flavor is Pumpkin Spice Latte 🙂 Yum.

  84. I headed over to Breville and “liked” them on Facebook… have already done so for Simple Mom a long time ago… and love it! 😉

  85. What’s your favorite coffee drink? Currently, a hazelnut latte. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this for my hubby!

  86. I’m a flavored coffee girl myself so anything besides a regular coffee with cream and sugar is on my list LOL I most frequently order a Mocha Caramel though.

  87. My favorite drink is cafe au lait, when it is made just right with strong coffee or espresso it reminds me of my hometown New Orleans. If only I could whip up a plate of hot beignets to go with it.

  88. Kimberly Baker says:

    I love mochas. I could drink them all day and all night!

  89. My favorite coffee drink is one made at home an enjoyed with my husband in the morning. I look forward to it every Saturday!

  90. I don’t drink coffee, but I love to make steamed egg nog drinks, hot chocolate, etc. Also, my dad is a huge coffee drinker and I would love to give this to him.

  91. Pravina Hegde Patil says:

    Coffee made by my mommie!!!!!

  92. I love cafe breves! yum! Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. I would love to win this! My favorite coffee drink is a peppermint mocha.

  94. How exciting! I love coconut lattes made with white espresso beans, which are beans that haven’t been roasted much. They are nutty, very low in acidity compared to regular beans, higher in caffeine, and brew a white coffee (so no teeth staining!). They can only be done with espresso, though, so this would be amazing!

  95. Sharon Turner says:

    I love love love LOVE L-O-V-E LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE Irish coffee!!

  96. I’m a fan of you and Breville!

  97. Sharon Turner says:

    …and, I like Breville & Simple Mom on Facebook. 🙂

  98. My favorite coffee drink is a latte (of any sort) or a peppermint mocha during the winter. Mmmmmmm!

  99. Michelle M says:

    I love my Starbucks Vanilla Latte but my pocket book does not so I have learned to make my own knockoff but would love to add this to my morning routine!

  100. I “liked” you both on FB.