branch necklace tutorial

Branch necklace holder: a crazy easy tutorial

Josiah and I are cheap. And by cheap, I mean we hate spending money. We also own The Burlap Bag, a little store in Austin for handmade goods. It can be challenging to be cheap and also own your own retail store, but it just forces us to be creative—and being creative really makes our shop more unique and fun. This project is actually IN our shop—and can be used in your home! A huge bonus? You can make this for FREE. We had everything lying around our house.

You know you’ve had to spend 15 minutes just untangling necklaces before… wasn’t that fun. This will keep them organized and simple.

Tree branch necklace holder


  • A branch. Choose as long or short as you like
  • Nails
  • 2 D-rings (each d-ring should come with a screw)
  • A hammer
  • Drill or screwdriver


1. Pick a “front” and “back” of the branch. The front should be whichever side you think is prettier!
2. Hammer in the nails in the front of the branch about halfway (our 10 nails were left over from an IKEA project. Yay free! They were around an inch long.)
3. Screw in the d-rings in the back of the branch – one on each end
4.  Measure the distance between the two d-rings. Hammer the nails in the wall that distance apart. Don’t hammer in the nails all the way.
5. Hang up the branch by hooking the d-rings onto the nails in the wall.
6. Add all your lovely necklaces!

Josiah workin’ hard.

Me hardly workin’.
Here’s a close-up of our d-ring ordeal:
necklace holder back

Here’s ours in our shop. I think the necklace holder goes lovely with our branch curtain rods which you can sort of see in the picture! We’ve definitely got a nature theme going on. Tutorial here for the branch curtain rods!

necklace holder on the wall

And here’s a straight-on shot of the branch necklace holder. We fit in 10, but you could totally squeeeeeze in 20 if you have that many necklaces!

Necklace branch tutorial


DIY branch necklace holder: a crazy easy project, even for non-crafters like me.

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  1. LOVE this!!! So clever, simple, and artistic!!!

  2. What a cool idea! Wondering if the wood needs to be treated at all first? I’m a little paranoid about unexpected creepy crawlies!

  3. I love this! Beautiful, and also I am in love with those curtain rods!

  4. Would be great for a Mala collection as well!

  5. Thanks for the instructions for this. I have the perfect branch to do something similar, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it on the wall. D rings! I know it seems simple, but the step by step instructions really help.

  6. I am so glad I found this! We just cleared our backyard last year of a bunch of trees and We have most of them still in a huge pile 🙂 Can not wait to do this.

  7. I love this idea! And I really love those yellow lockers! Drooling over here!

  8. aren’t those yellow lockers to die for?! they are probably my favorite furniture piece in our shop!

  9. This is beautiful!

  10. Really nice thank you !!! You inspired me for doing one too 😉

    Alexandra from France

  11. I love this! I have driftwood twigs that have been CRYING OUT for this idea. Thanks so much…I am putting it on my weekend to-do list.

  12. Such an amazing DIY this is. I am trying it right now!! Thank you so much for the lovely idea.

  13. I just made mine tonight! Thanks for such a great idea.

  14. Nicole – awesome!! Show us a photo if you have one!

  15. Love this idea! I will make it this weekend. Thanks for sharing …love the curtain rods also!

  16. Michaela says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing, i was about to go buy a big ole jewerly box and this saved me!

  17. DIY has actually changed my life. Creativity is a meditative art and I am so much in love with it. Definitely going to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing..

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