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You might remember that back in January, my family sold our house, gave away our stuff and headed off on an open-ended adventure. It’s now May and we’ve been travelling through Canada for four months, living nomadically, balancing school/work/adventure/life and playing around with what it means to live a slower life. In that time we’ve […]

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For spring break this year, my family visited friends who live near Washington D.C. and played tourist in our nation’s capital. On one particular day, there was a fair amount of walking and waiting in line, especially for kids who don’t quite appreciate the experience yet and would really prefer to be with their friends […]

I’ve had more than my fair share of faith crises. Indeed, when I was discerning my call to ministry I worried that my tendency to doubt and question disqualified me from becoming a pastor. I’m grateful that I didn’t listen to those fears. Spiritual valleys are just as formative and significant as mountaintop experiences – […]

I had PLANS. When Mr. Wonderful and I had two little toddlers, we moved to an area with a public school system that did not meet our standards for our children’s education. We promptly decided to homeschool. I read a lot of books and an untold amount of homeschooling blogs online, and made my outline. The main […]

Six years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the small intestine when you ingest gluten. Even the tiniest amount of gluten, a mere crumb, can make me sick for weeks. Not surprisingly, since my diagnosis, I haven’t been invited to many dinner parties. It’s just too hard […]

I shouldn’t be surprised…but I always am when I learn an important life lesson from my sons. This past weekend, we watched as my soccer-loving son played a double-header match against stormy skies, stopping for lightning only once, but getting wet for a good part of the few hours we were on the fields. Even […]

Hospitality was one of the unexpected side effects of simplifying. Once we purged the stuff, it wasn’t so overwhelming to have extra people in our space. And when we started saying no to the things we didn’t want to do, we suddenly had so much more free time to actually have people over! Who knew? […]

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