Block Party Giveaway: The Milk & Honey Co. Baby Snap Sack

This giveaway is now closed. Check back on July 4 for the winner!

Welcome to the Simple Living Media Summer Block Party! We’ve got 20 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win!

Today we’ve got another great prize for the little ones in your family. Baby Snap Sack by The Milk & Honey Co. are an ingenious solution for those of you who need to keep your babies warm. Whether you live in a colder environment or enjoy camping as a family, you’ll appreciate this nifty invention.

Baby Snap Sack’s creator is a mama who lives in the mountains with four little ones under the age of five. She designed the sleep sack when her eight-month-old son was the only one in her home who did not sleep under the year-round comfort of down blankets.

She wanted him contentedly snuggled in the softness of a goose down sleep sack. As she began to search for one, she discovered that there were only a few online companies making goose down sleep sacks, and each was designed to fit for no more than 12 months at a time.

She resolved to design one that could grow with him into the toddler years — and the Baby Snap Sack was born. It’s a beautifully snug down sleep sack that lasts from the newborn to toddler years.

Our family is going to Colorado and Montana next month, driving through Yellowstone in between. This sleep sack will be perfect for our newest little one! He’ll probably be the most comfortable one in our tent.

A Simple Mom reader will win one wild blueberry Baby Snap Sack!

How to Win

Everyone has three chances to win. Choose one or all three!

1. Comment on this post, and answer this question: Where would you love to travel with your family and use this sleep sack?

2. Follow @simplemom on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Be sure to come back and leave a separate comment with the link to your tweet.

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This giveaway will end at July 1 at 11:59 EST and is open to commenters 18 years or older. We’ll use to choose winners on July 4th! I hope you win!


Baby Snap Sack

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. These are sooo cool!! I’d love to use this when traveling to montana during the colder months. 🙂

  2. I also follow the blog on google reader

  3. Molly Hanson says:

    This would be perfect for a trip to Alaska!

  4. I would love to take my little one camping with this sleep sack!

  5. I follow this blog by email.

  6. We live in Santa Fe, NM, so we really want to just go camping up the mountain here!!

  7. Oh from hot GA where it has been mid 90s for more than two weeks I would love to take this thing up north to British Columbia or this winter to the mountains above Asheville, NC, would also be heavenly!

  8. I subscribe to this blog by email.

  9. I would love to visit Alaska! I would snuggle my littles in one of these:)

  10. Nancy Gadbois says:

    I love to camp and with a new grandson, he would stay nice and cozy in the Snuggle Down sleep sack. What a great idea!

  11. Man, I’ve been craving a nice mountain drive through the Cascades of Oregon.

  12. Jessica Brammer says:

    I would love to go camping anywhere at this time of year, especially the mountains.

  13. Jessica Brammer says:

    I am subscribed by feed reader.

  14. I would actually love to give this to my newborn nephew who lives in the snowy mountains of Vermont! What an ingenious idea, indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I also subscribe to this blog via email.

  16. Would use this to take our soon-to-arrive littlest one camping!

  17. Just subscribed to Simple Mom!

  18. This is really cool! I just started to use a sleepsack with my third child. He’s now 9 months old and we are living in Germany. I haven’t found anything warm enough for our cold house in winter though. Last winter I put him in a sleepsack and then put blankets over him. This would be perfect for next winter for him.

    We would love to do some camping in the area, so this would also be perfect for that.

  19. grayson says:

    What a brilliant idea. With my next due in December, well, this is just the thing! My seriously big dream is to go to visit my good friends in Fairbanks where I used to live. A down baby sack would be ideal!

  20. i’d love to use this once our family makes a trip to sweden. it would also be perfect for our cold winters here in northern germany!

  21. i’m a subscriber via bloglines.

  22. i follow you on twitter and just tweeted about the giveaway.

  23. I’d love to travel to Whistler, BC with this little sleepsack and our wee one. It’s not happening this year, so I would make great use of it over the cool fall, winter and spring in our Colorado house.

  24. I am a subscriber, too.

  25. My own backyard in the fall. Sleeping under the stars in October is so much fun!

  26. I’d love to travel to Tasmania and use the sleep sack! thanks

  27. This is so cute! I wish I had had one for my little girl this past winter. Traveling aside, her room is just so COLD! We can’t figure out why our heating system doesn’t work as well in her room, but I’m sure she will have a much better winter this year with one of these!

  28. I’m already a subscriber!

  29. The White Mountains and Blue Hill, Maine

  30. We would love to use this when visiting Alaska and Colorado next season. This looks like such a great product!

  31. oh – I would love to go somewhere up to the mountains – a cabin perhaps, with my husband and our little guy. One of these sleeping sacks would be perfect to keep him warm! 🙂

  32. i would love to take my family to montana.

  33. i subscribe to simple mom via e-mail.

  34. i’d love one!

  35. i subscribe in google reader.

  36. Melanie says:

    I am subscribed by e-mail

  37. Melanie says:

    We are planning to make a three month trip to scandinavia next spring with our (then) three kids.

  38. I love these! i would give it to my sister in law who is having a baby this Fall. They love to travel to the mtns so it would be put to good use!

  39. I subscribe.

  40. I would love to snuggle my newest babe on a blustery beach somewhere as the sun sets and my older girls run through those last sunbeams stretching over the sand.

  41. My husband lived in Colorado for a few years as a teen and loved it. Hoping we can go there for a visit fairly soon. As far as wishful thinking goes…I’d LOVE to use this sleepsack on a visit back to my favorite country of Romania (spent several years there as a teen and again as an adult). I want to introduce Romania to my husband and little boy. Colorado is more likely though!!

  42. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  43. I would love one of these for when my family goes to our family cottage on the was built over 100 years ago & it can get quite cold at night even in the middle of summer…this would be perfect for my 1 month old!!

  44. I follow you by Google Reader 🙂

  45. I would love to use this while camping in Michigan. Perfect for colder nights.

  46. Love these! Would love my toddler to have one of these for camping trips along the beautiful North Shore here in Minnesota.

  47. I have already subscribed in google reader.

  48. atsquared says:

    I would love to take our new baby back country camping in Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) with the rest of the family this fall. The Snuggle Down Sleep Sack would be perfect!

  49. atsquared says:

    I subscribe to Simple Mom via e-mail.

  50. i’ve always wanted to visit london – i hear it is freezing most of the time in the hotels. this would be perfect!

  51. Laurie B says:

    I’ve been itching to take my family to see the Canadian Rockies. Definitely would need it there!

  52. subscribe via google reader

  53. Laurie B says:

    Subscribe via feed reader.

  54. subscriber via google reader

  55. Would love to win this as I live in Northern NY (almost Canada) and during the winter I wouldn’t have to travel anywhere to need the warmth for the new baby. 🙂 But I’d love to go to the camp I went to every year as a kid and sleep in my favorite place there the Chapel down by the water. After the pregnancy of course! 🙂

  56. My family just started camping this year to save money and this would be perfect for our 2 month old! Our favorite place to go is the San Juan Islands 🙂

  57. I followed @SimpleMom on Twitter!

  58. I already follow @SimpleMom on Twitter. 🙂

  59. I already RSS the blog! 😀

  60. I currently don’t have a little one but a dear friend of mine is having a much anticipated baby in October. After 6 years of trying and several miscarriages in between her last pregnancy she is expecting her first baby boy! She and her family are lovers of camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and I would love to win this and give it to her so her new addition will be warm and cozy this fall when they go camping!

  61. We live in Colorado and would love to have this sleep sack for our many camping trips in the mountains. It would be so cozy for our youngest!

  62. I subscribe via email.

  63. Wow! I would love to use this for my little one on our winter camping trips!

  64. i am also subscribed by email

  65. I’d like to travel to Montreal in winter time with my husband & our baby that’s on the way. 🙂 We’d love to snuggle our little one in this sweet sleep sack!

  66. I would love to go camping in the fall with my family. The sleep sack would be great for my toddler; there’s no way he would stay under blankets!

  67. I’m a subscriber!

  68. Love to use it on our next MN camping experience!

  69. Camping in the Canadian Shield with my family would be great.

  70. Lindsay says:

    What a great idea – like a little sleeping bag for baby! I’d love to be able to take my littles camping in the fall with this to keep the youngest cozy.

  71. sarah hill says:

    i subscribe in my rss feed inbox

  72. sarah hill says:

    i would travel anywhere! ideally camping would be great with younger ones to keep them warm at night! national parks are the best to camp at!

  73. Elizabeth says:

    How cool! I would love this for around the campfire when we go to my parents’ or my in-laws’ cottage!

  74. Elizabeth says:

    I subscribe to simple kids!

  75. I think it would just make my husband happy because he could turn the heat down a lot more.

  76. I am a subscriber!

  77. I would love to travel to the east coast! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. I’m a follower.

  79. I would love to take a trip with my daughter who is expecting a baby in late Nov early Dec. We would love to get up to see our family in ME and this sure would be a nice item to have for keeping baby warm.
    Thanks for the chance!

  80. Whitney says:

    Oh my…where was this 18 months ago? We go camping at least 20 times a year. Our first camping trip with our baby was when my daughter was 3 months old. Of course, it snowed. My husband and I didn’t sleep, because we were so worried about her staying warm. We put a down sleeping bag on her, and then stayed awake all night to make sure it didn’t end up over her head. With another child in our near future, and our commitment to camping in CO, we NEED this sleep sack! 🙂

  81. Whitney says:

    I am a subscriber to Simple Mom!

  82. We love to camp so these would be absolutely perfect for that!

  83. I subscribe via Google reader 🙂

  84. Johanna says:

    We live in Minnesota! SO the winter months are COLD and finding a way to keep little ones warm safely can be challenging. We are expecting baby #5 in February. It’d be great for being born into Minnesota winter! We love to travel up to the North Shore of Lake Superior. That’d be a great place to use a down sleep sack!

  85. It would be nice for campng trips in the mountains of Utah.

  86. I’m already a subsriber!

  87. I would use the sack to travel to Bryce Canyon, my three year old was named Bryce after the national park where my husband and I were engaged.

  88. I am a subscriber

  89. We are hoping to go camping in West Virginia next year.

  90. Oh these are genius! I’d love to use this on our trip to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.

  91. I am already a subscriber!

  92. We would use one camping in the Olympics! We have been married four years this August and have yet to enjoy a camping trip together as a family – something we’ve been dying to do!

  93. I subscribe.

  94. These would be great for our camping trip at the lake this weekend!

  95. I’m a subscriber

  96. Nancy Gadbois says:

    Would love to keep my grandson comfy, warm and cozy in a snuggle down sleep sack when camping on the coast in Northern California.

  97. I would like to use one on a trip to Michigan’s upper peninsula. It can be cold up there!

  98. I subscribe through email.

  99. Stephanie says:

    Love it! To Jackson Hole, WY of course! =)