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  1. Thanks so much for this! I have two friends who have to eat gluten free so this is perfect for me this holiday season as it is the first time I’m having to think about this. Any ideas for deserts that are gluten free?

  2. Wow, thank you so much for these amazing and SIMPLE appetizer ideas! The Greek salad skewers and the kettle chip scoops look right up my alley. We’re having both sides of the family come to us this Christmas, so I’m in need of entertaining help!

    • The greek skewers were tasty with 1 major problem: the feta kept breaking off. Second time I made them I used the same ingrediants but just tossed them into a bowl and combined. Just at tasty, and 5 minutes vs 30 minutes.

      Third time I made it I added a handful of walnuts and some cut up fresh basil. I think I’ve perfected it now :)

  3. I am a bread and starch lover, but I agree–bread appetizers are too filling!! I often avoid appetizers for this very reason. I love them, but I hate missing out on my meal because I am too full to eat. I love all of your appetizer suggestions…they are beautiful and look really yummy!!

  4. Well, they ALL look scrumptious. I’d have a hard time choosing just one or two! I’m for sure going to try the Gingered Clementine and Pomegranate Shrimp. I love that first one, too…with the feta as a base for the vegetables.

    The veggies and dip is a standard in our house…I have a great recipe for a sassy curry dip that’s great with vegetables.

  5. WARNING!!!
    For all celiac and gluten intolerant hosts/guests:

    Please check the ingredient lists on the following before buying or ingesting:
    -Flavoured Cream cheese and chips
    -Deli meats (Prosciutto, Salami.etc)

    MANY of these items do contain gluten! I have family and friends who are celiac/gluten intolerant who have gotten ill on the above!!!!

    It is better to be safe than sorry! And it is sorry if your guests have to rush to the bathroom and have a very uncomfortable night/hospital visit for the above foods and extremely embarassing as a host!

    The BEST rule of thumb on serving something celiac/gluten free is to MAKE IT YOURSELF, that way you KNOW, without a doubt, there aren’t any additives and/or preservatives that will harm you or your guests.


  6. I have no gluten issues, but like someone else said, I am way too dependent on breads and other carbs. These are some great options!
    I love th Greek Skewers and the Bacon Wrapped water chestnuts!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I just started a gluten-free diet, and I’m incredibly overwhelmed by how many foods HAVE gluten. Seeing this list was like a breath of fresh air!

  8. From a family of recently diagnosed Celiacs–thank you for helping us think outside the box of traditional (gluten filled) holiday appetizers. My preference is to eat foods that are naturally gluten free. These will be added to the list of new traditional foods in our house and I don’t anticipate any complaints at my Christmas party. Yea!

  9. Thanks for noting that Sarah. It’s true. Now there are many more varieties that have no gluten. Wise choices now will help my children in the future. I’m so excited to try these! Sam’s now has a rotisserie chicken that is a gluten free recipe, and that goes a long way with making appetizers too. Just a tip. Thanks so much for the ideas!

  10. Thanks for this post. Am in the midst of furiously resisting and being upset about diagnosis of celiac (though on some level I’ve suspected or known for years) and this reminded me of all the wonderful things I *can* eat, not just all the things I’ll have to give up. Thanks!

  11. These all look really good and are great ideas. The shrimp and deviled eggs especially look good. I agree with Sarah though, it is really important to always read labels. Wheat and gluten are often hidden in foods like bacon, so it is always best to read all labels before serving to someone that is gluten free. There are more and more of us that are having to eat gluten free, so thank you for posting this and taking an interest in the gluten free world.

  12. Other than entertaining a bunch of middle school girls last weekend, I’m not doing much for the holidays. But my go to holiday treat are dates, stuffed with peanut butter and rolled in sugar. Pretty much the best thing ever!

  13. This is great!!! I was stuck for what to bring to a number of events this coming week – now I have a plan. Plus, they’ll look better with less effort than the things I had come up with.

  14. these ALL sound amazing! i will definitely be including these in our holidays and beyond! thank you.

  15. GREAT ideas! I also love things on skewers!

    Olives, cheese, bacon, etc…among my favorite things in life :)

    Thanks for the fresh take on things. (Can’t wait to try some chile lime deviled eggs.)

  16. Wow these look great! Just one note….blue cheese has gluten in it….so if you are treating gluten free friends skip the Endive w/blue cheese and almonds.
    (blue cheese starts with a bread mold)

  17. Okay, I need to back up…’s a maybe on the blue cheese….it does start from bread mold but…..they now say it is safe, less than 20 on the gluten scale….as for me , I will avoid it but….it may not have adverse affects on everyone.

    I can’t wait to make the shrimp!