Barn wedding style

There’s something about weddings that makes me all gooey inside. It used to be that I’d get so romantic and remember my wedding and daydream I was back on my honeymoon. Nowadays when I’m at weddings I picture my children, what it will feel like if/when they all get married. Seasons of life are so fun!

Last night we attended a beautiful country rustic-chic wedding in a barn (you can see how I styled my baby girl for the wedding here). The details of the wedding were so lovely but so SIMPLE – it doesn’t take a lot of fuss to pull off a gorgeous event. Check out these details!

Mason jar centerpieces

Simple flower arrangements made up of roses and wildflowers filled mason jars and candles and twine filled smaller jars. The simple elegance was perfect and no-fuss.

Mini clothespins

Place cards were hung with string on an old headboard with mini-clothespins that made this little touch completely adorable.

Ruffle cake

The cake was ruffly, sweet and stunning, and pink on the inside!

Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath was used in several key places, like here in front of the bride and groom’s table. It brought that sense of country simplicity and was absolutely stunning for such a humble flower.

Big barn door entrance

The newly married couple entered through the large barn door which added drama and excitement. A perfect exclamation point on the day!

Twinkly lights

The whole barn was really jaw-dropping. The height of the barn roof was a statement piece all on its own, but the twinkly lights added a little glamour that absolutely made the affair magical.

Are you planning any rustic-chic events like this? I’d love to hear ideas you’ve done or are going to do!


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  1. This brings back memories of my wedding reception 6 years ago! Ours, too, was held in a similarly decorated barn on an apple orchard. It was gorgeous & smelled of apples! 🙂

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