Monster storytime

The following is a guest article from Marie at Make and Takes, where she writes about great ideas and crafts for family fun. Photo by Woof Nanny I’m excited to be posting over here at Simple Mom. As a mom, I try to make things simple too, while still having fun. Whether it’s crafts, recipes, (read more…)

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organized work room

Keep your home clutter-free

This is a guest post from Emily at Remodeling This Life. She blogs about her family’s adventures in remodeling their home and also about simple and frugal living. One of the hardest things that I face in my home with a husband and two children is clutter. I feel like I am constantly battling misplaced (read more…)

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7 benefits of imperfection

This is a guest post from Rachel Meeks of Small Notebook. I have a lot of ideal goals at the beginning of each day. There’s so much inspiration everywhere I look, and my list of projects, ideas, and new things to try is a mile long. Some days I can only spend time on one (read more…)

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Home Makers and Career Women

Since the ancient time women have been playing multiple roles for which they have been respected. They have and have been playing various characters in real life. Gone are those days when they were just limited to four walls as a house wife. They are now equal partners sharing the financial burden with their spouse. (read more…)

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Display artwork in your home : the how, the where, and the what

I love to inspire others to find joy in the simple things in life as well as share my journey as a mom of three little boys. My passions include decorating and design, photography, literature, education, and family life. So many Mt. Hope Chronicles readers are creative and enjoy beautiful homes, but they’ve expressed their (read more…)

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