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Chore chart for preschoolers

We recently started a regular chore routine with our three-year-old. Thanks to your input, we came up with a reasonable list of things, and she’s slowly starting to accomplish them on her own. I couldn’t find a chore chart I liked on the internet, so I created my own. It’s very simple, and the original (read more…)

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Where to find eco advice for normal people

Green is the new jeans-and-flip-flops these days. As in, it’s the norm to be a mom who’s environmentally-conscious, yet not wear corn rolls and insist on not showering until global warming ends. You’re no longer in the minority when you care about toxins in plastic or reducing waste. It’s just common sense. Photo by *sean (read more…)

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Personal finance 101 – paying off your home mortgage

This article is featured in the 153rd Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Money and Values. This is the seventh part in my series on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, a proven personal financial plan. My goal is to explain a really solid money management plan in plain ol’ English, for intelligent yet financially “average” home (read more…)

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Earn a quick and painless $25

Just a quick note to encourage you guys to sign up at Revolution Money Exchange before this Thursday, May 15. When you do, you get an automatic $25. Seriously – I just did it, and it was quite painless. And I’ll be honest – if you use the button here on this post, I’ll get (read more…)

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Tips to prettify inexpensive flowers

I love having fresh flowers in the house, and my husband seems to know just the right time to bring them home. But if you’re not cost-savvy, they can cost a fortune. Sometimes the most eye-popping flower arrangements contain simple, inexpensive flowers and supplies. Simple flowers, like carnations, work best in all one color. Eliminate (read more…)

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