Lackluster walls at home? Low on extra funds? Think outside the box.

Three things about me – I’m not a fan of bare walls, I don’t really care for standard pre-packaged art, and I’m not made of money. Combined, those facts mean I need to flex my creative muscles when it comes to home decor. Here’s a short photographic tour of some of our home’s walls, and (read more…)

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12 cheap (and free!) toys for young children

The price of toys these days is disheartening. They can also be loud, obnoxious, and cheaply-made. I stand firmly in the camp of having fewer high-quality toys than having a thousand pieces of plastic to trip over, pick up, and lose. Plus, the less toys “do,” the more creative your child can be with them (read more…)

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Weekly link round-up: the hallelujah for air conditioners! edition

Photo by Missy Is it hot where you are? It’s been a scorcher around these parts, which is only whetting my appetite even more for the fall (my absolute favorite season!). It’s been a pretty full week here at Simple Mom, but there has been some great writing and ideas elsewhere around the blogosphere. Here’s (read more…)

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Back to school season already? Keep the family a priority.

In many places around the country, school’s just around the corner. It’s hard to believe, but the summer is (thankfully!) nearing the end, and for families with kids, a new school year means a whole new way of organizing your time, commitments, and priorities. A new school year can mean craziness – new school supplies (read more…)

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How to be disorganized & unproductive, #1: don’t enjoy your job

This is the sixth and final part to a six part series here on Simple Mom. Photo by Konstantin Sutyagin Now stick with me on this one, because you’ll probably roll your eyes at the computer screen at first. In fact, this was the only key to disorganization and unproductivity that no one guessed when (read more…)

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