Your morning routine: start your day off right

We moms are often in short supply of a regular routine. Don’t get me wrong, we constantly do methodical things over and over — laundry, dishes, chauffering to ballet class. But in the midst of that, we’re putting out fires left and right, stopping our chores to put on an impromptu puppet show with the (read more…)

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Changing your habits: you gotta know your weaknesses

Hard to believe, but it’s already more than halfway through May. Those of you doing the 30 Days to a New Habit challenge – how’s it going? A few of you left comments, and even more of you sent me emails, so I truly would like to know about your progress (or possibly your lack (read more…)

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The Shoe of Simplicity: Small Notebook

I‘m starting a new series here on Simple Mom. About twice a month I plan to feature a fellow blogger who has embraced the art of simplicity within his or her niche. And in so doing, I will offer an award sure to be coveted by many: I read blogs about all kinds of topics, (read more…)

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A preschooler’s allowance

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve started giving our three-year-old daughter an allowance in exchange for simple household chores. Photo by Michele Catalano I know that $2.45 weekly isn’t going to buy much more than M&Ms or a bouncy ball. But that’s not the point. The point is, we want our kids to start learning how (read more…)

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clean hands

Chore chart for preschoolers

We recently started a regular chore routine with our three-year-old. Thanks to your input, we came up with a reasonable list of things, and she’s slowly starting to accomplish them on her own. I couldn’t find a chore chart I liked on the internet, so I created my own. It’s very simple, and the original (read more…)

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