Simple Mom is now at the Life Skills Network

I’m happy to announce that I was recently invited to join the Life Skills Network, which is an eclectic group of bloggers dedicated to helping you develop the skills needed to live life to the fullest. Check out this resource for a conglomeration of topics from personal finance to motivation. Here are the great bloggers (read more…)

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It’s giveaway time – your family budgeting problems, solved.

The giveaway is now closed! Check here for the winner. I told you that today, I’d tell you about what tool I use for our family budgeting, and that I’d give you a chance to win it. I did not lie. Photo by Dayna Bateman It seems rather nerdy to get excited about a budgeting (read more…)

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Zero-based budgets for the home: a primer

Budgets have a bad rap because they’re seen as shackles. Instead of getting to do fun things with money, budgets make you do boring things, like pay the gas bill, and not go out to eat. Not necessarily. Whether you realize it, you do have a budget. Your budget might reveal that morning lattes are (read more…)

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balancing finances

Family finances: our modus operandi

Here’s how we handle the family finances in our home. Our Basic Structure • We keep track of all our spending with a monthly zero-based budget. I’ll explain the basics of this type of budget tomorrow, so be looking for it! • Together, my husband and I decided that I would be the one to (read more…)

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13 tips for packing light with small children

Since we live overseas, we travel a LOT together as a family. In fact, I’m sitting in a hotel room as I write this – my baby is next to me on the bed, playing with his toes; my three-year-old is also on the bed, coloring in her special travel notebook with crayons. My older (read more…)

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