It’s a motherlode of prizes: seven gifts, ONE fortuitous winner

Photo by Crystal This giveaway is now closed. Check back soon for the winner! Fall is in the air – can you feel it? Yeah, neither can I. But I’m elated that it’s around the corner, because hands-down, it’s my absolute favorite season. I love the smells, the sounds, the sights… I eagerly await the (read more…)

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Gift giving & wishing made easy

I know there’s differing opinions, but I love the concept of registries for weddings and upcoming babies. My personal gift-giving preference is to give something practical together with something “just for fun,” and registries help me give just what someone would need and what they want. Brilliant, I say. I’ve started using Wishpot, which I (read more…)

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Lackluster walls at home? Low on extra funds? Think outside the box.

Three things about me – I’m not a fan of bare walls, I don’t really care for standard pre-packaged art, and I’m not made of money. Combined, those facts mean I need to flex my creative muscles when it comes to home decor. Here’s a short photographic tour of some of our home’s walls, and (read more…)

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12 cheap (and free!) toys for young children

The price of toys these days is disheartening. They can also be loud, obnoxious, and cheaply-made. I stand firmly in the camp of having fewer high-quality toys than having a thousand pieces of plastic to trip over, pick up, and lose. Plus, the less toys “do,” the more creative your child can be with them (read more…)

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Weekly link round-up: the hallelujah for air conditioners! edition

Photo by Missy Is it hot where you are? It’s been a scorcher around these parts, which is only whetting my appetite even more for the fall (my absolute favorite season!). It’s been a pretty full week here at Simple Mom, but there has been some great writing and ideas elsewhere around the blogosphere. Here’s (read more…)

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