Keep your spending tidy with an envelope system

We use cash for most of our day-to-day purchases.  A lot of this has to do with where we’re currently living – not as much is online, and not many mom-n-pop stores here take plastic – but even stateside, we rely a lot more on cash than on plastic.  I’m not here to debate the (read more…)

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Link love :: the I Love Color edition

If you’ve never explored ColourLovers, you’re missing out on a treat.  I get so much of my design inspiration there – oodles of great color combos! There was a lot of good stuff in my reader this week. Which, coincidentally, brings me to question asked by reader Laura: “I’ve told you before that I love (read more…)

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Sharing a room: is it okay for brothers and sisters?

Reader Laine asks, “My daughter is five and my son is three. If we were to find a three bedroom home for rent (like we live in now), what are your thoughts on putting the children together in one room and having the other room as a playroom/schoolroom. Have you ever tried anything like this? (read more…)

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Blissdom, the Hottest Mom, and the Domestic Goddess Herself

Photo by Christel Weixelman Three quick items of business today… 1. Blissfully Domestic’s First Conference If you haven’t yet heard, Blissfully Domestic is hosting its first conference, BlissDom ’08. It’s all day October 18 in Nashville, followed by a fabulous cocktail party, where it is rumored there will be served a lovely new pink drink (read more…)

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Get things done at home by getting stuff out of your brain

Photo by Andrea Reader Alyssa asks, “I’m wondering – are you still going to do, or have you done the GTD for Home Managers? I’m sooo interested in that!” Thanks for asking, Alyssa.  My short answer – No, I haven’t “done” the GTD for Home Managers yet.  Between getting my e-book out, keeping up with (read more…)

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