9 tips for taking great family portraits

This weekend, our family had a professional photo shoot for our annual photos.  We actually had a great experience, which, if you have small children, you understand is no small feat. This is definitely the time of year when families endure the grueling procedure of getting everyone in their clan to look happy and peaceful (read more…)

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Link love :: the I’m Craving a Leisurely Walk on a Crisp Fall Morning edition

Photo by Polar Bear I feel rather like a chicken with my head cut off, so much have we had going on this week.  I’ve been reminded how much we Americans rely on busy schedules to feel productive.  I’m enjoying so much of my home culture, but busyness is not one of those things. This (read more…)

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When it comes to high-tech tools at home, choose quality

This giveaway is now closed. Photo by Kaarin Swan It’s probably no surprise to you that I’m a minimalist.  I shudder at clutter, and I much prefer having one high-quality item than several mediocre versions of something similar.  My idea of a heavenly wardrobe is 10 pieces that fit me perfectly and won’t ever wear (read more…)

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Manage the family finances by cutting expenses AND increasing income

Photo by Brittney Bush Reader Melissa asks, “How do you cut back more when you have cut back to the bare minimum? I have a family of five to feed, and it seems to be getting more and more expensive. Any suggestions?” I hear you, Melissa.  With the crazy economy, it’s pretty hard to budget, (read more…)

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Holidays by hand: celebrate the season with your sewing skills

Photo by Debbie Hill I love how sewing has made such a comeback.  It’s one of the few traditional domestic skills that I’ve managed to learn, and I truly enjoy it.  I wish I had more time to devote to the craft. This Christmas, I have a number of sewing projects on my docket, which (read more…)

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