A happy giveaway for baby blues

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are elbarnes, Cynthia, Viv, JC Carley, Lori Haislip, Jessica Fisher, Liz R, Scott and Lisa Moonen, Alicia Williamson, and Myrnie – congratulations! Welcome to the first of many giveaways all week long!  Check back frequently, as there will be multiple giveaways on each day. I’m doing them a (read more…)

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Weekend links :: the “Wha?!?” edition

Photo by Dan Foy Okay, loyal readers, I’m going to be right up front and ask you for a big favor.  There are a lot of blog awards out there, and The Bloggies are sort-of the equivalent of the Oscars for blogs.  Well…  Simple Mom was recently nominated for Best New Weblog in the 2009 (read more…)

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Use the fine art of storytelling to raise a frugal child

(Hi readers – normally the columnists’ weekly posts will be published on Wednesdays. But since I’ve got a week of giveaways starting this Monday, I thought I’d publish Maya’s column a few days early! Enjoy.) The following is written by green and frugal columnist Maya Bisineer. My toddlers never took to “no” very well. They (read more…)

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Q&A Tuesday: What are the ingredients of a successful playgroup?

Reader Aimee writes, “I am planning to head up a playgroup in my area but am rather unqualified to do so. Well, I have the children (ages 3 and 1) and am a SAHM, but have never done the playgroup scene. “Now that my son has blossomed into a social butterfly, and the long cold (read more…)

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thrift store

12 tips for thrift store shopping

If you don’t yet shop at thrift stores, why not?  If you picture dingy floors, bad lighting, and torn clothing heaped together, you might be surprised.  There are a few like that in every town, I’m sure, but for the most part, they are a veritable gold mine of unclaimed wealth. With the sketchy economy, (read more…)

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