Q&A Tuesday: What do you think of New Year’s resolutions?

There’s two more days of 2008. The long-standing traditions of New Year’s Eve include champagne, parties, dancing, games, holding your eyelids open until midnight… and making resolutions. You can probably guess today’s Q&A: Do you make new year’s resolutions? Why or why not? And by golly, why do you think they’re so hard to keep? (read more…)

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craft fabric and crown

The pointless pursuit of more: when is enough enough?

I hope you had a great holiday this past week, and that they were as restful as they were fun; as reflective as they were festive. And I hope you weren’t inundated with too much new clutter to add to your home. Sometimes it’s hard to not go overboard during the holidays – after all, (read more…)

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Scrabble investing and future

10 surprising side effects to money management

This post was first published on June 5, 2008. I love reading your blogs full of excitement about looking into Dave Ramsey’s concept of financial freedom. The idea of a “total money makeover” truly has been eye-opening and freeing for our little family. We never relied heavily on debt, but we still never thought we (read more…)

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Your morning routine: start your day off right

This post was first published on May 20, 2008. Moms, particularly stay-at-home moms, are in short supply of a regular routine. Don’t get me wrong, we constantly do methodical things over and over – laundry, dishes, chauffering to ballet class. But in the midst of that, we’re putting out fires left and right, stopping our (read more…)

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Handmade at home: keeping the skills alive

There are times when getting something done involves doing it as quickly as possible. And there are times when it involves clearing off the table, and doing it from scratch. The task might take more time, and even sometimes (but not often), it’s more expensive. But to do something yourself – to completely finish a (read more…)

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