How a singer balances travel and family

It’s the question I’m asked most on the road. When women find out I’ve got a family back at home they wonder… “How do you do it?” Behind the question are legitimate concerns about a father not being there for his kids’ soccer games, a wife worn out from raising four children alone, a marriage (read more…)

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Parenting a child with anxiety

Mrs. Roosth was tall and gaunt, uncomfortably quiet, with small eyes and angry hands. I leaned back too far in my chair and landed with a thump on the classroom floor. She wrapped her bony fingers around my arm, yanked me up to my feet and just about threw me into the nearest corner to (read more…)

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Six things adoption has taught me

Just six of the zillion things adoption has taught me: 1. Generosity is simple. In 2007, I visited an Ethiopian orphanage, trying not to make eye contact with any of the little ones around me in need of a father. I’ve always found avoidance to be the surest way to never feel bad about saying (read more…)

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Character on aisle nine

Mom and I grabbed a cart on our way from parking lot to grocery store. We passed through the automatic sliding doors together, cooled from the Texas heat by the immediate welcomed whoosh of AC. A good way through our list, we saw her. Bent over at the shoulder blades. Hair that shade of pinkish (read more…)

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The value of being heard

“What’s doobie?” She’s five – I thought. I also thought things like: She must have seen cable at Uncle Brian’s house. Now we’ll have to move. I never liked Uncle Brian much anyway. I thought things like that. Normal, rational things. Then I took a deep breath and feigned calm. “A doobie is like a (read more…)

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