by Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae is a wife, mama, homeschool teacher, writer, and Salted-Caramel Mocha lover. She is the author of Desperate - Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, a book for those who have ever whispered, “I just can’t be a mother today.” You can connect with her at sarahmae.com.


8 ways to nurture a child’s soul

I am a nurturer of souls, and so are you. We moms (and really, all people) have the opportunity to influence the souls of the children in our care. It can feel overwhelming, just thinking about what that means; that we are capable of cultivating a whole life, beginning in the inner most parts of a being. It's staggering, really, what we are capable of if we are intentional and loving. In pondering the significance of our influence, I'd like to offer a few ways you can nurture a child's soul.

Be a sorter of their tangles.

How tender is a young heart, and how easily wounds fester. I’m 32 and I wonder at the wounds in my own heart. I feel more untangled now than ever; freedom is all over me because I have understanding - I’ve lived and I’ve fought for freedom. My little ones, they don’t understand the fullness of forgiveness and brokenness and pain and injustice. They haven’t lived enough. It’s confusing for them; they just know how they feel. I’m the sorter-outer. We, us mamas and daddies, we’re the ones who have to keep at the sorting. We must keep on listening, really listening, discerning, and teaching our babes so they can be open to freedom. With compassion, patience, and time we give ourselves to the work of sorting the heart strings so one day they'll be open to having them tied up new and beautiful. Read More
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