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How to make fabric yo-yo earrings

I really love yo-yos. Not the circular toy that goes up and down on a string– I was never all that great at those– but rather the little fabric circles first made popular in the 1930s. I’ve made them in all different sizes – to embellish t-shirts, baby onesies, hair clips, and – one of (read more…)

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5 reasons not to be afraid of sewing

5 keys to overcome your fear of sewing

There’s something about a sewing machine that can be so darn intimidating– it’s enough to frighten prospective sewists into packing that machine away in a closet with an open-ended “someday I’ll learn” feeling. If this sounds familiar to you, the truth is, all you need is a patient friend to walk you through the basics. (read more…)

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DIY mini mei-tai baby doll carrier

There’s just something so sweet about a toddler and her baby doll (or his, for that matter; my son loves his doll and animals, too). When we were first preparing to bring home baby number two, I decided to make a baby carrier for my daughter who was just over two at the time. I (read more…)

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Ten ways to use your creativity for good

It seems like summer brings a big sigh of relaxation and a feeling of extra time to do, make, create and enjoy. Everyone seems to be creating bucket lists and planning out all the fun things they want to do as a family. But we can do even more than come up with fun ways (read more…)

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Adoption: lessons learned

As I’m writing this post, my son, who we recently adopted, is almost eight weeks old — which is to say, I’m definitely not an expert on this subject. It all happened pretty quickly for us, which is pretty rare in adoption. I haven’t read many books (yet), but I’ve been thrown into one of (read more…)

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