Go out on a limb

This week, as you go along with the carefree days of summer, may you be intentionally aware of who you are connected to, and with whom you are traveling through this season of life. Oftentimes we are given just the right companions, if we simply look around and embrace those who make up our community. (read more…)

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yo-yo earrings-top

How to make fabric yo-yo earrings

I really love yo-yos. Not the circular toy that goes up and down on a string– I was never all that great at those– but rather the little fabric circles first made popular in the 1930s. I’ve made them in all different sizes – to embellish t-shirts, baby onesies, hair clips, and – one of (read more…)

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5 reasons not to be afraid of sewing

5 keys to overcome your fear of sewing

There’s something about a sewing machine that can be so darn intimidating– it’s enough to frighten prospective sewists into packing that machine away in a closet with an open-ended “someday I’ll learn” feeling. If this sounds familiar to you, the truth is, all you need is a patient friend to walk you through the basics. (read more…)

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mini mei-tai top.jpg

DIY mini mei-tai baby doll carrier

There’s just something so sweet about a toddler and her baby doll (or his, for that matter; my son loves his doll and animals, too). When we were first preparing to bring home baby number two, I decided to make a baby carrier for my daughter who was just over two at the time. I (read more…)

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Ten ways to use your creativity for good

It seems like summer brings a big sigh of relaxation and a feeling of extra time to do, make, create and enjoy. Everyone seems to be creating bucket lists and planning out all the fun things they want to do as a family. But we can do even more than come up with fun ways (read more…)

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