Spring cleaning, parenting style

The first weekend of April has come and gone.  After I took my seat in church Sunday morning, I had to grin as I looked around to see so many sunburned faces, necks, and arms. Spring has descended on our part of the country, and up and down the streets of our little town, people (read more…)

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Building the legacy your children will remember

In a recent phone call with a long-time friend, we talked about her unexpected and unintended vacation from all things digital while traveling for the holidays.  She spoke about how not being able to keep up with her blogging schedule and missing out on her Twitter stream was stressful at first, but then she made (read more…)

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How to avoid relationship strain on gift-giving occasions

In cultures around the world, celebrations of special occasions are opportunities for gift giving.  For those of us who want to encourage our children to live simply, these occasions often invite feelings of frustration when well-meaning family and friends bombard our children with gifts that are either excessive in quantity or questionable in quality. Families (read more…)

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Exploring 5 stereotypes of the cloth diapering family

Let’s have a show of hands.  How many of you had parents who used cloth diapers when you were a baby? My parents sure did, and it wasn’t because they were concerned about the environment or that my sister and I were allergic to disposable diapers.  They used cloth diapers because they were absolutely broke (read more…)

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Four fun ways to practice playful parenting

It is summertime, and the livin’ is easy . . . until you and your children hit that summer wall. You’ve exhausted your list of “fun stuff to fill the time,” the much-anticipated excursions are now just sweet memories, and the lack of rhythm and routine finally just catches up with everyone. I don’t know (read more…)

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