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3 ways to wear a maternity wrap

I’m finally nearing the end of my pregnancy with twins, and I have to be honest, one of the things I’m looking forward to most in the months to come is finally being able to shed these maternity clothes! Oh, I realize that we’ve come a long way in maternity fashion in the past few (read more…)

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Maternity in style: Nine months of dressing the bump

Usually, it’s swimsuit season that causes me to burst into tears in dressing rooms. That wasn’t this case this time, standing in a Target dressing room with tears in my eyes. Nope, not swimsuits. Maternity clothes. I was about three months into this pregnancy with twins, and I had to face the fact that my (read more…)

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The public school parent’s guide to learning at home

Earlier this month, our family reached a new milestone: both of our daughters are now in public school – all day, every day. This has been a bittersweet transition for us, but it has been made easier by the fact that both of my children genuinely love school and are endlessly enthusiastic about learning. As (read more…)

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Simple ways to look modern when wearing vintage

This time a year ago, I would never have given wearing vintage clothes a second thought. I had long been stuck in a t-shirt and jeans rut and I knew I wanted a change, but nothing about knowing how to style an outfit comes naturally to me. Thankfully, this was around the time Pinterest began (read more…)

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7 simple ways to help a friend move

My friend Courtney smiled brightly and pushed open her screen door. My four-year-old daughter made her way to the toys, waiting to be played with in Courtney’s living room, while I said thank you! thank you so much! over and over again. A few weeks ago, our family moved from our small town in western (read more…)

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