Crafting rich experiences for our children on a frugal budget

In the last two years I quit my corporate job, became a full-time mom, and immersed myself in a start-up — and it has not been financially easy on the family. While we have embraced a frugal life,  my kids seem to notice nothing.  Occasionally,  they complain about being bored. My kids act up when (read more…)

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cloth napkins

How to create a paperless kitchen

Over the past year, I have had a great journey going green except for one issue. Until very recently, I struggled with my desire to have a paper-free kitchen. I wanted to rid our home of so much throwaway paper, but I wasn’t sure it was possible. How can you run a kitchen with no (read more…)

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12 green and frugal lessons from my mom

As I try to simplify my life, spend less and focus more on sustainability, I am often reminded of the way my mom used to do things. We’ve come full circle, in a number of ways. It seems like every new thing we do to save money or the planet was being done by my (read more…)

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Sale window

10 ways to prevent overspending

Bargain shopping is great for finding great deals on items. Yard sales are a wonderful place to save tons of money and still find what we want. But how often do you walk into a sale “just to browse” and walk out with a bunch of things that you probably did not need just because (read more…)

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toy green frogs

10 ideas for raising greener kids

  Most of us have children, spend time with children, or work with children on a regular basis. Instilling a sense of green consciousness in the hearts of these children is a powerful way to make our green efforts last way past us. Here are some simple, everyday ideas to help build a greener generations (read more…)

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