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3 sleep strategies for a well-rested mom

If there is one issue that every mother I know shares, it is the difficulty of getting adequate sleep. Feeling rested, energized and ready for the day is a wishful thought for most of us. Because of the hours we sleep, and because the amount we’re wakened during the night feel out of our control, (read more…)

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Battling mommy brain: 6 strategies to boost brain health

Oh, I couldn’t count the amount of time I must spend most days trying to find something I misplaced or retracing my steps again and again because I forgot something essential on our outings. I hate to admit it, but just when I need to be my mind sharpest is when it feels slower than (read more…)

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Using aromas to lift our moods

Have you been overcome with an emotion when you’re met with a certain smell? Ever walked into a room that just smells inviting or relaxing? Do you have sharp, vivid memories attached to some scents? The science of scents and their impact on our brain chemistry and overall health is called aromatherapy. Using natural scents (read more…)

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Watch out for these health busters

We know that directing our diets away from highly processed foods and toward unrefined whole foods is a surefire way to increase our health and well-being.  That said, most of us still use processed foods every day.  Learning to quickly identify which ones are healthy is essential as we navigate our way through the grocery store. (read more…)

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Why do we say yes when we really mean no?

Stephen Covey, in his book The 8th Habit, says “the first and most demanding form of personal growth takes place in the family.”   Since embarking on the journey of motherhood a little over two years ago, I completely agree with his assessment. Becoming a mother has challenged me to grow and see myself in ways (read more…)

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