3 favorite scarf styles

Josiah and I live in Texas. Currently as I type this, it’s 81 degrees outside. But tonight it’s going down to the low 40’s. So we have to be prepared for all types of weather – because Texas has polar opposites within 24 hours! I shall share some ideas of different types of scarves and how to wear them….

Vintage scarves

Vintage scarves are super awesome because they work in the spring and fall! They aren’t too warm but can still keep you warm – and fashionable. They are perfect to tie around your neck – especially in Texas “winter”. Plus you can snag these guys for $1 each at estate sales.

A lot of vintage scarves are smaller than knitted ones – making them perfect for putting in your hair! I’m actually wearing one in my hair in the photo above – but due to the terrible photo (thanks Josiah), you cannot see it very well.

We love love love this head scarf tutorial by Keiko Lynn

Regular scarves

By “regular scarves” I mean ones that have 2 ends and are 3 feet to infinity feet long. Grab these on sale at the end of the cold season. Or crochet/knit your own! We found this graphic on pinterest and it’s seriously an amazing compilation of ways to tie a scarf.

Now if only it would get cold in Texas and I could wear one without sweating to death…. like I was in that first photo above with my Twinkie Chan cupcake scarf (and that was way before I saw this awesome graphic full of scarf-wearing ideas – hence the boring “over the shoulder” scarf wear-age). Fingers crossed that tonight I get to make a fire… because #10 looks SO awesome!

12 ways to tie a scarf

Infinity scarves

And a personal favorite: the infinity scarf. Super easy to make yourself by getting a long strip of fabric and sewing the ends together. These can also be worn a bajillion ways – from one long loop, to several loops, to loosely around your shoulders. The one below is the softest thing since sliced bread. Wait what? Yeah, they are so soft, just take my word for it. We have them in our shop and every girl who touches one has to buy it.

How are you wearing scarves this season?

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