by Laura

Laura Laing is a freelance writer and the author of Math for Grownups (Adams Media, July 2011), a funny, easy-to-understand look at how we use math in our everyday lives. She blogs at Math for Grownups.

Home trends I’m (still) not over

Home trends will always come and go, but there is nothing more disappointing than investing in a decor item that magazines and design blogs suddenly declare to be “outdated.” While I usually choose a classic style for my nicest pieces, I fall for bold trends pretty often.  My home has all of these things and I have no regrets:


It’s out, it’s in, it’s embarrassing, it’s hip.  I’ve never really gotten over this shimmery green floral wallpaper my mom had in the dining room in the early 90’s.  For awhile, graphic wallpaper was acceptable only in fancy hotels or garish restaurants.  But it’s been back with a vengeance for several years now and you can bet I jumped on that bandwagon.  I have graphic wallpaper in my powder room and in my home office. Read More
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Birds in home decor

I realized recently that I have decorated with birds in almost every room of my home.  I didn’t even know that I was drawn to tree-dwellers, but their sweet presence does make me happy. I bought these balsa wood birdhouses at a local hobby store and my husband painted them all different colors.  We unified (read more…)

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