Walking as a retreat for the busy mom

There is a well-known walkers’ route in my hometown. As the weather gets warmer, dozens and dozens of women flock to these sidewalks. They have sweatshirts tied around their waists, and they exaggerate the movement of each arm swinging into the air. Left arm—whoosh. Right arm—whoosh. As a kid, you spot all your teachers, your dental (read more…)

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Home is what YOU make it

I can’t tell you the precise definition or location of “home”, but I can tell you this: home is whatever you make it. In my case, it’s been a progressive making and remaking since the day Martin (my German-born husband) and I met. We’ve been called nomads when we moved to Berlin, Germany, gypsies when (read more…)

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5 ways to slow down and embrace your holiday stories

This season isn’t about the stuff and how much we can cram into our lives. It’s the people. You and I have a mental list of all the awesome things we want to do this holiday season. It all stems from memories and traditions in our families. For me, there’s making Vanilkové Rohlíčky (vanilla crescents), (read more…)

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DIY : finishing what we start

I’m a serious do-it-yourselfer. If we need a new blanket for the bed, I’ll start sewing a quilt. If we need bread for sandwiches, I might start making a loaf of bread. Now my husband and I need a place to live, so we’re remodeling an old airplane hangar all by ourselves. It’s so easy (read more…)

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What to do with old cards and letters

There is something incredible about the power of handwritten cards and letters.  We love getting them; most of us love sending them. But then what? My philosophy is this: get rid of all those cards and letters that don’t add to your happiness. Keep the things that matter; repurpose everything else. Today, I thought I’d (read more…)

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