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Moms are more than chauffeurs

As I was eating lunch along the counter at the nearby Food Cooperative, two moms were sitting in the stools beside me. “What are your plans for the afternoon?” one asked the other. The woman sighed and began to list all the activities she had to get her kids to. The other woman nodded and (read more…)

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Are you being brave?

In all our lives, there are moments of incredible bravery and beauty. My definition of true grit isn’t the same as yours or anybody else’s because of our different experiences, opportunities, and desires. Our unique stories are part of the beauty of being brave. And the bravery you’ve exhibited in life is a wonderful, brilliant (read more…)

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Christmas cards: ideas for sending them and saving them

In one week, the holiday chaos begins. Christmas markets are being set up in Germany. Women are playing a little Christmas music when they think no one is around. We’re pinning holiday ideas onto Pinterest. And I’m getting pretty excited about my mailbox, just like Tsh mentioned on Monday. It’s Christmas card season! Svetlana Alliluveya (read more…)

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On having kids later in life (or not at all)

People like to remind me of the great irony that I am a contributor at this blog that used to be called Simple Mom. “But Katie,” they will say. “You don’t actually have any kids.” I know that I don’t have a clue about parenting. I’ll never lie about that. I usually try to just (read more…)

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4 ways (and reasons) to make wedding cards and gifts more heart-filled

Never do the contents of my mailbox look so beautiful as during wedding season. Brides around the world are packaging up beautiful little invitations with sisters, friends, and occasional future grooms. We’re oohing and awwing at their creations, updating our calendars, and instantly wondering: “What kind of gift should I give?” This season, I challenge (read more…)

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