Where all New Year’s resolutions go to die

Some people call it February. I call it the month where all New Year’s Resolutions Go To Die. It’s a longer name and it doesn’t really fit on the date fields on the forms at the doctor’s office, but I think it’s more accurate. Year after year, I would set goals, start with a bang, (read more…)

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What Downton Abbey and Myers-Briggs taught me about living simply

It all started with Downton Abbey and the internet. You see, I happened upon this post in which the author created a brilliant infographic lining up each character from Downton Abbey with a Myers-Briggs personality type. I’ve taken some form of the Myers-Briggs test at least 4,092,726 times in my life, but who can remember (read more…)

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This post is for the brave ones

He wants to be a superhero. I wait for 10 people to go through the door at the store before he’ll stop holding it. When his sisters gets hurt, I don’t have time figure out what hurts before he’s returned from getting an icepack and bandaids. He relishes every moment of saving us from the (read more…)

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Harness the power of your personal history

Would you send your kids to a school that didn’t teach history? Is history necessary? I mean, it’s called history…it already happened. We can’t change anything about it. Shouldn’t our kids focus on subjects like math and science to get them ready for the future, instead of reliving the past? Whoa…keep your tar and feathers (read more…)

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A 6-step process for finding your mentor…today

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Mentor Fairy? You leave your request under your pillow and then the next morning a Mary Poppins-ish mentor shows up at your front door, ready and willing to teach you everything you need to know. If she could show up with a Dish Fairy, Bathroom Cleaning Fairy (read more…)

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