Stop living paycheck to paycheck {}

How we stopped living (less than) paycheck to paycheck

In my last post, I introduced myself as a person in debt. I hoped to be a source of encouragement for anyone who might be struggling with money.  I was touched by the comments that followed. Thank you. One question seemed to come up:  how did we get back on our feet when living less (read more…)

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Hi, my name is Kara and I’m in debt.

“We’re debt free!” The words I long to be able to shout out loud. Hi, my name is Kara and I’m in debt. Some of you know me as the editor of Simple Kids, but today I’m going to introduce myself to you as a person living in financial bondage. Or, to be less dramatic, (read more…)

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Yearly planning with a file crate system

As much as I love paperless planning and Pinterest, for some things there is just no substitute for actual paper planning. I love technology, but when it comes to things like holiday recipes written in my grandmother’s hand, family wedding invitations, and articles from the print resources I use, I find it is just more (read more…)

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3 simple outdoor activities that encourage family fitness

In an era where more and more families are getting their exercise from video gaming systems, it is more important than ever to encourage outdoor family fitness. Yes, any exercise – even “plugged in” exercise – is better than no exercise, but with a generation of kids spending less time then ever outside, we need (read more…)

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