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Kara lives in a small town in Indiana. She is the editor of Simple Kids. You can also find her writing about creative living at K.Elizabeth Fleck.

When you need a financial fresh start | Art of Simple

6 steps toward a financial fresh start

Picture this: 9:30p.m. on a Thursday evening in late June 0f 2009. Four fans are running, creating a hum so loud I can’t hear myself think, and doing very little to cool the stifling room.

It is 90 degrees INSIDE my house.

I’m nursing the baby and we’re both drenched in sweat.

Two of my children are sick and sad with the chickenpox, tossing and turning on the small mattress we’ve set in front of the window for them to sleep on. They are uncomfortable from the heat and the itch.

The air conditioning is broken, we don’t have enough money to cover the cost of the repairs, and we are just one more disaster away from the breaking point.

My whole family is sad, tired, and miserable.

We needed a financial fresh start and we needed it now. And, the only way to make that happen was to give it to ourselves; no one was going to come along and rescue us or bail us out. We had made this mess and we needed to get ourselves out of it.

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Destination: a debt free new year

Since the last time I wrote to all of you about our debt free journey, Christopher and I hit a few personal milestones. The first is that in November we passed the $100,000 mark in debt paid off. Hooray! (That number is both liberating and terrifying to admit). The second, which might actually be more (read more…)

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Litmus Test for Emergencies

Can you sleep on it? A litmus test for minor emergencies.

Last October, I shared this status update on Facebook: “We’ve been without a fridge for over a month now. That ends today. There was a time we’d just have put a new fridge on the credit card or even declared it an emergency and used our savings. But we made do with coolers and the (read more…)

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Debt isn’t sexy, and other marriage lessons

This week my husband Christopher and I are celebrating lucky anniversary number 13.  If you had told me on our wedding day about the things we would face over the next thirteen years, like getting into and then paying off $95,000 in debt (and counting), I’m not sure I would have made it down the (read more…)

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Be Like the Sun: move slowly, radiate warmth. {SimpleMom.net}

Be like the sun: move slowly, radiate warmth, shine

The summer so far has been a busy one, and last week was especially crazy. At the end of the week we were still playing “catch-up”, and spent a good part of Saturday morning rushing around trying to finish up errands and tasks that we didn’t have time for earlier, before we headed out the (read more…)

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