by Kara Fleck

Kara lives in a small town in Indiana. She is the editor of Simple Kids. You can also find her writing about creative living at K.Elizabeth Fleck.

Frugal Deeds (done dirt cheap!) | The Art of Simple

Frugal deeds (done dirt cheap)

As I work toward helping my family become debt free, from time to time I struggle with staying motivated.

We’ve paid off our smaller debts and now the debts we’re working on are larger, and are therefore going to take longer to pay off.

Without a little financial victory on a more frequent basis, I find it hard to stay as intense about my goals.

The big picture? Sure, that is easy to get excited about. I cannot wait for the day when debt no longer has a hold over us!

But the little details, the day to day choices, and sometimes struggles? Those aren’t as fun. There’s not a lot of joy there; in fact, it can feel like downright drudgery.

It can be a challenge to stay motivated day to day. To be honest, I get frustrated sometimes when it feels like we’ll never get there, never reach our goals.

Oh, yeah, another bill to pay.

Oh joy. Price matching diaper deals.

Sorting my coupons on a Friday night. Total excitement.

Hooray. Drinking water. Again.

Another budget meeting date night? Sexy.

Forgive me for the dripping sarcasm, but that is why I started documenting our family’s frugal deeds (done dirt cheap, of course), and I started a Pinterest board with the same name – because I need help to stay motivated to do the little things.

Because, really, there are no little things:  they all add up.

(And if I have a rockin’ [if silly] mental soundtrack to go with it, that’s all the better, right?)

So, here are just a few of our latest Frugal Deeds (done dirt cheap!). I’d love to hear in the comments what frugal things you and your families have been doing lately so we can motivate each other.

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