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Jessica Howard lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband Noel and daughter Eleanor. Her goal is to read 150 books this year - and she’s on track! She blogs about all things book-related at Quirky Bookworm.

7 tips for creating a love of reading in your kids

I’ve always been a bookworm. I think reading is good for the brain, the imagination, and the soul. The possibility that I could raise a kid that doesn’t like to read is bizarre. But, there’s always that chance, so I purposely try to encourage Eleanor to love reading.

Here are my seven tips for creating a love of reading in your kids.

1. Read a lot.

At a minimum we read for 20 minutes daily. That’s about a dozen board books, or 5-8 picture books. Sometimes we read four times that many books; but I can guarantee that even on the busiest days we find those minutes before bed.
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