4 easy DIY decorating projects

When I have had spaces to fill in my home, I’ve often felt uninspired by the overpriced trinkets and generic art that stores and catalogs have to offer. It can also be overwhelming to consider taking on DIY decorating projects because so many of them are complicated, take lots of materials, and require skills or (read more…)

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Establish routines for a simple home

The new year is here, and with it comes the end of a nice break for most of us. As much as I enjoyed the lazy mornings and fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants days of the holidays, I was really looking forward to getting back into the regular routine. Something about a new year sparks in me a desire (read more…)

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Quick and easy holiday decorating ideas

This time of year can get overwhelming fast. Before the turkey has even settled in our stomachs, it’s time to plan putting up the Christmas tree or getting ready to race into stores for Black Friday sales. I personally end up feeling like the entire reason for the season gets lost in the chaos of (read more…)

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Does your house attitude need a paint job?

I have had a bad attitude about my house lately. In the midst of yet another home renovation project, a little too much drywall dust flying and too many unfinished little projects have left me feeling like our house just isn’t good enough. Mostly, this happens when I am having people over. I start to (read more…)

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Reset a room: simplify your space with a fresh pair of eyes

This past weekend, my husband and I repainted our living room. A few years of kids running around and putting scuffs and dings on the walls, not to mention one major home improvement project, made this painting a necessity. To ease my mind about taking care of the furniture during the process, we moved almost (read more…)

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