by Anne

Anne is a mom, project manager for LKR and the author the e-book, The White Space Solution: Make Room For Your Best Life & Work.

Do you need white space?

How many items do you have on your to-do list? How about goals? Do you have more than a few that you’d like to achieve? If you're looking to simplify your life, likely that's because your list is filled to the brim with goals, interests, activities, passions, people, and work. It gets especially sticky taking action and completing anything on your master project list after you become a parent. Since my daughter was born almost four years ago, I've had to adjust and reframe how I reach and set big goals in my life. It used to be so easy! But now, with a toddler in tow, a job managing someone else's online business, a husband who needs my attention, too, writing for my own blog, writing my first book, and the myriad mommy duties, I need time and space to actually reach all those goals—and finish anything. If your life is bursting at the seams, like mine, then you might like to know these three things I've learned to make space in your life, so you can actually get down to the business of getting things done. Read More
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