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Capturing your kids: documenting

I am so happy to be here sharing the second installment in our Capturing your Kids series here on Simple Mom. If you’re just joining in you may catch up here: Introduction The Basics Today I want to bring to you a very important aspect of photographing your children: documenting. Chances are you’re doing it (read more…)

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Simple Mom Photography Series | Angie Warren

Capturing your kids: the basics

Welcome to the first official post in our photography series, Capturing Your Kids. (We introduced the series last month, you may find that post here.) Today I’d like to start out with the basics of shooting in manual mode: aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. The trifecta. Keep in mind this subject can be extensive, and (read more…)

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Capturing your kids: a photography series

Hello! I’m thrilled to be able to share with you over the next few months, a series on something close to my heart: photographing our children. I’ve been shooting professionally since 2008, but my camera has been in hand since the birth of my first son eight years ago. I am self taught, through many (read more…)

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Ten holiday photos not to miss

For many of us, the holidays bring joy and cheer, but sometimes we’re tempted towards anxiety and a bit of stress. For me? All of the above. When it comes to capturing this time of year in pictures, I want to to remember more than the formal portraits or typical shots—it’s about the simple details, (read more…)

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iPhoneography 101

Urban Dictionary describes iPhoneography as: The act or practice of snapping quick digital pictures and performing post-processing and sharing from within the mobile phone itself. I describe iPhoneography as the perfect documentress, a quick (and easy) way to seamlessly shoot what’s right in front of you. In this day and age, smartphones are everywhere and (read more…)

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