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Alli Worthington is one of the most recognized names in social media and the Lifestyle-blogger community. She is the founder and publisher of Blissfully Domestic women’s magazine, one of the most trusted women’s destinations online, and the Co-Founder of the wildly successful BlissDom Conference. Alli’s creativity is only hindered by a lack of clones and need for sleep. She and her husband have five sons and a beautiful rescued dog named Mollie. They live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

How to organize your life with your camera phone

Some of us are born with a level head and the seemingly innate ability to develop systems to get organized. Me? Not so much, I was drowning in loose pieces of paper and post-it notes. I wrote everything down, had great plans to stay organized, but never could keep up with where the paper went. Then I fell in love with my trusty camera phone. I’ve gathered some of my favorite tips that work with both Apple and Android phones. Ready to get started? Great, here we go. Read More
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