by Alisa

Alisa Bowman is the marriage expert for every woman, and writes the popular marriage blog Project Happily Ever After. A former senior editor at Runner’s World magazine, she has been a guest on national tv and radio programs and featured in USA Today, Redbook, First magazines, and more.

How to teach him to romance you

Not long ago, one of my headlights burned out. My husband stayed home that evening—instead of going out with his friends—so he could replace it for me. I considered it an act of romance. He chose to help me rather than have fun that night—and he did it without me nagging or hinting that I’d like him to do it. I felt absolutely loved. Now, after nearly 12 years of marriage, it’s these Acts of Adoration that I’ve come to appreciate. There was a time early in our relationship when I wanted him to prove his love with material gifts, chivalry, dinners out or flowers. Then we became parents. Then our marriage fell apart in a big way. Then we worked on things and got to a much better place. And now I just want one thing: to know he adores me. Read More
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