Celebrate Spring with two seasonal tarts

All photos are by Aimee. Ah, spring… After a long winter of eating potatoes, squash and carrots, she welcomes us with a tantalizing array of fresh new produce: bright green asparagus, cheery red radishes and seductive, oh-so-sweet strawberries. Why does this bounty taste so good right about now? Because this is exactly when God intended (read more…)

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6 ways to thrive in the kitchen with the kids

All photos are by Aimee. I‘m sure I’m not the first mother to discover that children aren’t always happy playing on their own while mama does the cooking; usually they want to be right where the action is. Yep, right under your feet. The good news is that by welcoming the little ones into the (read more…)

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How to cook up a winning Oscar party

Photo by Nick Plowman. The Oscars are a great excuse to bring your movie buff friends together, enjoy some simple food, and beat those February blahs.  Perhaps you’re toying with the idea of hosting a party to watch the Academy Awards. You’ve got the TV in place, you’re a huge Kate Winslet fan, and the (read more…)

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