Weekend Giveaway: Artterro

This giveaway is now closed. Check back soon for the winner!

Thought the giveaways were over? Not quite. Today I’ve got a weekend giveaway from new sponsor Arrterro! This is a great company right up Simple Mom readers’ alleys… they create eco-friendly, family-oriented art supplies and kits—beautiful items that’ll help you and your kids create frame-worthy art.

Artterro is the brainchild of Forrest Espinoza and Jennifer Conn, two artists and mothers from Madison, Wisconsin.  They started their company because they believe everyone is born creative, and that sometimes the pace of our modern lives keeps us from making time for art. That’s where Artterro comes in.

Their goal is to make it fun, easy and affordable for people to create art with family and friends.  Each Artterro eco art kit is a collection of beautiful, natural materials and creative project ideas.  They offer a fun, engaging art experience that delights creative kids and grown-ups alike!

Artterro is offering two readers the chance to win a selection of eco art kits worth over $50.  Each package includes a Creativity Kit, a Wire & Bead Art Kit and an Art Journal Kit.

The Creativity Kit: Set the creative spirit free with a beautiful assortment of handmade paper, 100% wool felt shapes, glass and wooden beads and more–perfect for making bookmarks, ornaments, gift tags, small sculptures and collages.

The Wire & Bead Kit: Twist and bend amazing sculptures with US-made copper wire and glass marbles, plus an assortment of wooden, glass and shell beads.

Both kits include a bonus project–the box turns into a frame for your finished artwork!

Artterro also teamed up with Strathmore Artist Papers to create the Art Journal Kit, a unique product for budding artists to easily explore their creativity through art journaling.  Artists of all ages can learn fun doodling, drawing and collage techniques with inspiring materials.  Available in five fun colors.

To enter this giveaway, simply leave any comment on this post! (If you’re reading this via email, you must click over to the post to comment.) This giveaway ends tonight, so enter now!

Psst—Artterro would also like to share a special with Simple Mom readers.  For a limited time, they’re offering a holiday special of 20% off any purchase—use code 20OFF at checkout!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Shelia Gentle says:

    creating art is such a fun family activity!

  2. love these!

  3. These look like so much fun!

  4. I admit I need help in the creativity department. I encourage my son to be and this package seems as though it may be a fun way for us both to gain that

  5. i’m trying to be more crafty…this would help!

  6. Sounds really great!

  7. My daughters would LOVE these art kits!

  8. Sounds like fun 🙂

  9. Oh, these all look like so much fun!

  10. Susan Lawson says:

    Eco friendly…. Sold!

  11. My kids love to create!

  12. Kate Tucker says:

    I’ve been eyeing these kits. My daughters would love them all.

  13. This would be awesome for my girl who’s super crafty and supporting a small business would a fantastic bonus!

  14. Oh, would my grandchildren love these!

  15. These look like so much fun… my 7 year-old niece and I would have a blast making cool stuff with one of these kits

  16. Looks like fun! My daughter and I love to craft together!

  17. Abigail Gunter says:

    Sounds Fun!

  18. Love these! My two nieces would really enjoy being creative with these kits or I might tuck it away for a few years until my daughter could play with it 🙂

  19. my kids would love this!

  20. OOH! looks very cool.


  21. I love the art journal! I’ve been meaning to make one for myself…

  22. Awesome stuff!

  23. Super cute!

  24. Samnang Roeun says:

    My son loves art and this would be a wonderful addition to our daily activities.

  25. Fun! My 6 year old would LOVE these! (Me too!).

  26. We heart crafts!

  27. This looks like so much fun!

  28. I feel like this is meant to be…I just saw this at a store today for the first time. 🙂

  29. This looks like fun!

  30. Lindsey Scheibe says:

    I love that even the boxes have a purpose! How great is this!?!

  31. How fun! Even if I don’t win, this is something that I would buy to use with my kids!

  32. So very cool <3

  33. My daughter and I love to make things she is such a great artist. She would love that wire and bead kit!

  34. We really need to amp up our art supplies, this is great!

  35. This would be awesome for my toddler who’s into doodling and “crafting” right now!

  36. I’ve been looking for a creative outlet. This is inspiring!

  37. The art journal sounds awesome!

  38. We try to do art and cooking projects on Fridays. With our new little newborn, these complete art kits would be a great help in keeping our craft days going.

  39. super cute!

  40. These look so beautiful. EcoArt is a great idea.

  41. super cool!

  42. These look so fun!

  43. Fun ideas!

  44. The felt bits in the Creativity Kit look like so much fun. We’re making Christmas ornaments out of felt this year and I love the feel of it!

  45. This looks great. I would love to have it for my kids.

  46. i want to enter!

  47. my 3.5 year old daughter would LOVE this! thanks for the giveaway!

  48. KitterLee says:

    Wow, their stuff looks beautiful, fun and inspiring!

  49. this stuff looks super fun. we love being creative in our household!

  50. Crystal C says:

    These look amazing! My family would definitely enjoy!

  51. My daughter would love this.

  52. Thank you so much for all of the giveaways you’ve all offered this week!

  53. Amanda Cross says:

    What neat idea…love the supplies!

  54. I love Artterro!

  55. Awesome! What a great product!

  56. OH my goodness, those are gorgeous kits. Thanks for introducing them to us!

  57. What a fantastic giveaway. We love creating and crafting.

  58. My daughter would love these kits! What a great gift to give!

  59. I absolutely love this! Eco Art is a great idea and kits are a fantastic idea for those just starting out.

    Can’t wait to do some of this with my little ones 🙂

  60. Such great Christmas presents!

  61. I love this idea. My son would love this, too!

  62. Amy DeZeeuw says:

    These are cute kits, they look like a lot of fun

  63. Wonderful art kits! My son would love them.

  64. My daughter would love this!!

  65. This sounds like a great way to make it through some of our inevitable up-coming snow days! Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. Kim Johnson says:

    I love the kits, and the idea!

  67. These are great!

  68. We bought a few of these to give to my daughter’s friends as birthday presents. If I win, I think I’ll let my daughter keep one of these for herself!

  69. Elizabeth says:


  70. I was just looking at this sort of thing for my daughter. I am certainly going to check this company out.

  71. What a great idea. Would love to win this.

  72. My 4 year old is really getting into crafts now these kits would be fun to use with her!

  73. This looks so fun! My boys would love it!

  74. This is the best of both worlds for my daughter who loves to craft and loves the Earth!

  75. These look so fun and beautiful. Thanks!

  76. One of the great unexpected joys of having a child is discovering that I am not hopeless at art, that I can make something beautiful and find great satisfaction in it.

  77. These are so cool!

  78. Jennifer B says:

    Love these art kits – I particularly like the wire & beads and the art journal. The big question would be if I give them to my daughter or keep them for myself! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  79. These look like fun! Thank you for the discount code, too.

  80. I’m definitely checking out their website for my Christmas gift list! My niece and nephew will be getting creative this season!

  81. my son is an art freak! he would love this for christmas!

  82. I love these kits!

  83. these look like such cool kits!

  84. Linda Turske says:

    Looks like fun…. my girls would love it!

  85. Linda Turske says:

    Looks like fun….

  86. Looks great!

  87. those look like such fun!!! thank you!

  88. I just recently came across this website on another blog–from The Artful Parent–and think this is such a great concept! Would love to try one out.

    Sarah M

  89. Love these!!!

  90. Oh, how I would love this! My daughter loves crafts and I struggle to find kits that are good quality. I am even more excited because this company was founded right here in Wisconsin! This would make the perfect Christmas gift for my girl!

  91. the little artists in my house will love this!

  92. What awesome products!

  93. Love!~

  94. My daughter is very crafty and I am not. She would love these. I am planning on art supplies for her Christmas gifts, so I am heading over to check this out more fully.

  95. This is the kind of thing that I feel absolutely hopeless at, but my daughters LOVE. these kits look like they might even help me be more creative! thanks for the chance to win!

  96. We do crafts daily in our house, this would be great!

  97. These look great!!

  98. My little one won’t be old enough to use this for a few years, but I have 5 siblings that would love it!

  99. Oh, how cool – I’d never heard of this company but I’m glad I have now! xo

  100. Playing is so creative. These are beautiful products.