Amana washer & dryer review {+ amazing giveaway!}

by Nicole

Nicole lives near the beach in Southern California with her husband and three young kiddos. She writes a a lifestyle blog about creativity, family life, community, and all sorts of other fun stuff, and also keeps a homeschool journal called The Bennettar Academy. Her most recent (free!) ebook is about why and how to make more time for reading.

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

I love it when things slide into place at just the right time. We knew we”d be moving into an all-electric condo and that our gas dryer, while in great condition, would no longer work for us. What I didn”t know was that the opportunity to receive a brand new set of Amana washer & dryer was coming my way –what a blessing!

Read on to learn more about this fabulous, energy and water-efficient pair and how you can enter to win one. (My laundry room is nowhere near that gorgeous, but now my washer and dryer are, thanks to Amana!)

About the Amana washer and dryer

This is my first experience with a high-effeciency washer. The Amana 3.6 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Washer retails at $649.

I have been amazed at the completely different functionality of it and how much less water and energy it uses. For a family of five (with one in cloth diapers) that is music to my ears!  A few specifics about it:

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified to help conserve natural resources and save money on utility bills
  • Low-water wash system delivers optimal cleaning with as little as 13 gallons of water
  • Durable stainless steel wash basket resists scratches and rust to help prevent snags and stains on fabrics

As for the dryer, I went for electric, but it also comes in a gas model. In a relatively short cycle it dries my clothes nicely so that I don”t have to waste the energy on a second cycle. It retails for $479. More details about the dryer:

  • 7.0 cu. ft. capacity dryer easily handles large loads, meaning you”ll spend less time on laundry and more time on the things you enjoy
  • Interior drum light and wide-opening side swing door help make loading and unloading simple
  • Automatic dryness control sensors monitor temperature, automatically stopping the cycle when fabrics are dry to help reduce shrinking (how amazing is that?)


I”m stoked today that you, dear readers, get a chance to win– I”ve teamed up with TodaysMama on this giveaway where one winner will win their very own set– a new, energy-efficient Amana washer and dryer.

Just enter via this Rafflecopter widget (you”ll need to leave a comment here on the post as a mandatory entry). The contest ends January 16th at 11:59 pm MST.

Thanks again to Amana, who provided the washer/dryer for review!

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  1. avatar
    katherine says:

    all done as of this morning!!

  2. avatar
    Loreen G. says:

    What an awesome machine :) Thanks for the chance to win :)

  3. It is amazing how having a working washer and dryer can make all the difference. Here’s to lots of clean clothes in 2013!

  4. avatar
    Stefanie M says:

    This would be so nice to have because our W&D is on the fritz and I need to wash our clothes reliably!!

  5. Thank you for the giveaway! We’d love a new washer/dryer for our new house.

  6. avatar
    Christine C says:

    I am halfway done, but cloth diapers are done so I’ll call it a win!

  7. We did a bunch of laundry yesterday but with 7 people here, the mountain grows fast

  8. Wow!!!

  9. avatar
    Jessica Pelkey says:

    My washing machine “screams” at me every time it runs – which is seemingly “all” the time. We have a family of five which includes my dear momma who helps out tremendously with our laundry load – thank the good Lord! Would love to “lighten” our energy and water “load” (hee/hee) – Happy New Year!

  10. Well if it were yesterday I’d say stacked up like MT Everest. We got it all done though, thought it would take forever to get done!

    Awesome Giveaway!!

  11. Hah! This would be an absolute blessing for my family! We have a washer that is on it’s last legs, we got for free from craigslist once we moved here, we were hoping it would last our time in Kansas but it’s not looking like its going to make it…

  12. I am “caught up” on laundry according to me-one basket to fold, one load in the dryer and one in the washer! To me that’s amazing!

  13. avatar
    Jessica Saunders says:

    we just got a new range so a new washer.dryer set would be amazing!

  14. I wouldn’t say mine is as high as Mount Everest, but as old as the dryer is, I’m scared some days it will either melt or not dry the clothes, lol. This would be a awesome win!!!

  15. “Happy New Year!” Actually, my laundry is pretty well in shape…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  16. I’ve been waiting for the perfect chance to switch to high efficiency!

  17. Yay! How nice it would be to dry clothes without the squeaking that my current dryer makes!

  18. There is always laundry to do!!!

  19. I’ve done three loads today but there still seems to be a big pile of it left.

  20. I would love this — and I could give my sitter our old ones!

  21. A friend has been gracious enough to loan us the washer and dryer we are using. We have moved a lot and got rid of ours in one of our recent moves.

  22. What blessing for you and your family! Happy New Year!

  23. Washing bedding today. I pretty much do at least one load a day!

  24. My washer quit working a week ago! Sure you can imagine what MY laundry basket looks like! LOL Would LOVE to win this. BTW, do you know the history of Amana? It’s really quite interesting, if you’re a history buff :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  25. Fantastic giveaway! Busted washer and old, loud, too hot dryer are ready to be replaced. These look wonderful.

  26. From where I sit I can see one basket of clean laundry that hasn’t moved from it’s current position in at least 3 days. It’s not folded either. Unless the laundry fairy visited in the night there are also a few dirty piles waiting for assistance in the basement.

  27. My laundry is never done!

  28. I’d love to have these for no other reason than to give them to my recently divorced son who could really use them. WIth two active boys there seems to always be a pile of laundry somewhere. Enjoy your blog!

  29. avatar
    lisabella says:

    I did laundry yesterday and have just one load going in the dryer today!

  30. oh, this would meanno more excuses for a laundry backlog…

  31. i need to do laundry just need to win a washer and dryer

  32. avatar
    Amanda Gray says:

    What an incredible giveaway! So excited for whoever wins this!

  33. One load in the dryer, one in the washer, the rest is folded but not put away!

  34. avatar
    Michelle Hudak says:

    Never done, there’s always a pile in the dryer and one ready to go. I don’t think I’ve ever been caught up.

  35. avatar
    Julie Ragozzine says:

    Current status is pretty good: only one load backed up! Only thanks to a slow day yesterday!

  36. We like to refer to it as Mt. Washmore, thankyouverymuch. It’s (becoming) quite historical. Or is it hysterical? Whichever. :)

  37. Piled up!! And my dryer is making a terrible noise!

  38. I am almost caught up. Finally!

  39. My laundry is in good shape–just a load left to recover from vacation!

  40. Ours are old and inefficient. Sad sad sad

  41. Those are sharp looking!

  42. ha! Our laundry is never caught up.

  43. avatar
    nopinkhere says:

    I could use this! My washer is working, but leaks.
    I have two baskets of unfolded clean laundry sitting next to me.

  44. My laundry…is never finished! LOL There’s always a stack on the dryer and a load in the washer. :) What a generous giveaway! My washer & dryer are 20 years old, and I always wonder which load will be its last.

  45. I have 7 babies and we live out in the country. A new, energy efficient washer and dryer would be so nice!

  46. Ours is washed and dried, but not folded or put away.

  47. My washer is doing strange things… like stopping mid wash. Oh, what a blessing, to receive these beauties! Thanks for the review

  48. My laundry is mostly caught up right now.

  49. What a fabulous giveaway. and such a reminder to finish the last bit of laundry from our holiday travels…

  50. Laundry is currently in the hamper, in the washer, in the dryer… with more being made as I type! Thanks for the giveaway chance! We would love to donate our set and enjoy this great gift!

  51. rather stacked up today after the holiday yesterday – I usually do better at staying on top of it!

  52. avatar
    Sarah Platt says:

    Wow! This sounds like an amazing brand. We would love to have a set! Our old washer and dryer died, and we haven’t been able to afford to get new ones, so right now we are renting a set.

  53. My dryer hardly works, so I line-dry everything. A new set would be amazing!

  54. Our laundry is in process right now. I put the last load into the washer when I left for work this afternoon, so I’ve got that one to dry and it and two others to fold and put away (I’d already folded and put away several other loads).

  55. Oh my, this is timely! I’m in the very midst of an epic laundry day. The loaner washer-dryer set in our rental aren’t exactly cutting it. 3 cycles for a few towels? Yikes!

  56. My laundry is about halfway done…. That is where it usually is :-). What a gorgeous set. Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. Stacked up like always. I blame it on not having our own washer/dryer in our apartment.

  58. Laundry status is pretty good today – very little in the dirty basket, and a couple of clean baskets to put away!

  59. Awesome! Our set is on it’s last legs, so this would be amazing!

  60. I have about three loads of laundry to do. I’m camping at my house after a water pipe broke and flooded most of it. I’ll get the laundry caught up soon.

  61. We need a new washer and dryer like crazy. Ours is old and NOT energy efficient at all. Plus it always seems to get off kilter and the spin cycle makes the whole house shake.

  62. avatar
    Rachel H. says:

    Wow, sounds perfect!!

  63. Seriously awesome timing and giveaway! My dryer was given to me a over a year ago from an uncle because we didn’t have the money. It is from the 1980’s – VERY not efficient. Our washer is now dancing every time we use it. So to win this would be completely a gift from God, with the timing. Thank you to Amana for the opportunity at even a chance!

  64. I am in constant fear of being buried alive by the laundry monster!!

  65. Due to some serious nesting, my laundry is actually caught up for once. :) Thanks for the chance!

  66. Thanks for the opportunity to win! My daughter really needs this, having a messy two-year-old to wash for!

  67. My laundry basket is never empty! but at least it isn’t running over today! :)

  68. We are a family of eight; so, laundry is my nemesis. I am mostly done for today but diapers are due for a spin tomorrow.

  69. Working on it. Hoping to get the mountain down to a molehill soon!

  70. We have the never ending pile of laundry! We’re a household of four with our youngest potty training. I could use a more efficient pair as mine are not all that efficient!

  71. Today is done, tomorrow will be another story.

  72. I have mounds of laundry, just catching up from the holiday travels!

  73. I would LOVE to start the new year with a washer and dryer. Definitely a gift we would use over and over and over……

  74. I have stacks of clean laundry that need to be put away.

  75. Since we just moved, my laundry pile might be bigger than Mt. Everest!

  76. This would fantastic – I’m rather partial to Amana products, seeing as I live about 20 miles away from it’s namesake

  77. We are desperate for a new machine. Our laundry is always backed up as it takes a few hours to get through a load. Mt. Washmore for sure!!!

  78. I did six loads over the last two days – all caught up for now!

  79. We have a washer/dryer pair that are two different brands, and were bought 2nd (or maybe 3rd) hand when we moved! :)

  80. avatar
    Tara Thornberry says:

    Oh how lovely these would be!

  81. I often do my laundry in the middle of the night to save on energy. My washer and dryer are 21 years old, work well, but I would love to save on water and electricity!

  82. avatar
    Trina Miller says:

    Mostly done and put away, just some towels and sheets to wash.

  83. Laundry is caught up for today!

  84. I just folded and put up about 4 loads on Sunday, but I already have two more washed, dried, and waiting to be put away, and even more waiting to be washed! Thank you for this opportunity.

  85. Currently, we have a Mount Everest pile of Laundry and sometimes don’t get to our laundromat but every two weeks. Eek! Thisvwould be such a luxury and a money saver!

  86. Oh wonderful! My washer and dryer are on their last leg!

  87. avatar
    Gretchen D says:

    I seem to always have laundry that needs to be folded. I am good about washing and drying, but not folding. I am off to fold laundry…

  88. laundry is in process – tackling it one day at a time – thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  89. Wow! A new ‘matching’ washer and dryer! That would be heavenly! Need to go start another load right now.

  90. What an amazing giveaway! Really enjoy your blog.

  91. avatar
    Erika gordon says:

    Laundry . . . Always piles to do . . . I am a housemom for 10 little boys, ages 8-10, so it never ends!!!!!! How much fun would a brand new w/d be?????

  92. With cloth diapers and a baby, the laundry never ends! 😉

  93. My laundry was caught up yesterday evening. But… there’s already stuff in the hamper this morning. 😛

  94. Oh, we’ll be moving soon and needing new machines – this would be great to win! I’m so over my front-loader washer and this is exactly what I’m looking for. :)

  95. avatar says:

    I miss the washer I had before my current one. It was 30+ years old and had washed my diapers. It died mid-wash of my daughters diapers. Unfortunately it wasn’t repairable (major rust around the water intakes) and we replaced it. We have repaired the ‘new’ washer 3 times and the dryer that is only 2 years older 4-5 times (a particular part wears out).

  96. We’re moving into a new home this weekend and this would be such a blessing. Thank you!

  97. We’re still away from home visiting relatives, so the laundry is really piling up!

  98. Our family’s laundry is mostly caught up although a few of our baskets are 1/4 full and there is a load in teh dryer. Let me change that to mountains piling up :)

  99. With an unreliable washing mashine and no dryer (and doing cloth diapering) I would love to try out this Amana washer and dryer!

  100. There was a funny cartoon going around recently entitled ‘I Wish’, It had a washer, a dryer , and a folder. I don’t think that I will be getting a new folder anytime soon, but I appreciate the chance to win an Amana washer and dryer set. Thank you!

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